Lotus Prince

Lotus: Parasite Eve 7-9

No more playing around. It’s time to POWER UP! In this installment we tackle the hospital. What’s creepier than a mostly-abandoned hospital? One with all of the lights out, of course! In this installment we conclude the hospital with a bang, and then we go to…wait, is that right? Parasite Eve has TWO sewer levels?

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Lotus: Parasite Eve 4-6

In this installment we investigate Central Park, where it’s possible that Eve may be threatening another large group of people. This time it’s personal, as Daniel’s wife and child may be in danger. We’d better hurry! In this installment we deal with the boss of the park, and encounter what may be my favorite scenario of the game! With that, ...

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Lotus: Parasite Eve

It’s time to tackle one of Squaresoft’s gems! This is a horror RPG, where our goal is to take on a force of nature that we do not yet fully comprehend. It all starts with a massacre at Carnegie Hall in New York City. We’d better stop the enemy from doing something like this again. Let’s go crazy!

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