How to Solve a Problem Like Jiren – A Dragon Ball Discussion

With the final encounter approaching, Jiren has been pretty much summed up peaking with his origin story in Episode 127 of Dragon Ball Super. However, has it solved problems with his character or just created more of them? How has his time with Vegeta, Frieza, Goku and Android 17 changed him? What has been revealed about the guy from Universe 11? Let's review, discuss and have an analysis!

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What If Nappa Turned Good Part 4 – A Dragon Ball Discussion

What If Week for December ends with the new favourite - What if Nappa Turned Good? How would he survive Vegeta's attack and go on to help the Dragon Ball Z cast? All of this and more as Goku takes on the minion in this new adventure! Today Gohan is struggling with school, training and being The Great Saiyaman. When Videl arrives, things get fierce as Nappa and Goten square off against The Champion of Justice! Let's review

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I Have Problems with Dragon Ball Super – A Dragon Ball Discussion

I Have Problems with Dragon Ball Super - A Dragon Ball Discussion

With Dragon Ball Super approaching the end of its current state, I need to address some concerns I've had with the show and vent my feelings about it. Consider this somewhat of a rant about some missed opportunities. That being said, they were things that Super did right and I acknowledge that as well. From Goku's changing intellect to Vegeta's character arc, let's get in depth here and discuss and analyse what Super has done for the community.

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