What if Nappa Turned Good Part 3 – A Dragon Ball Discussion

What If Week for January ends with the new favourite - What if Nappa Turned Good? How would he survive Vegeta's attack and go on to help the Dragon Ball Z cast? All of this and more as Goku takes on the minion in this new adventure! The Cell Games are approaching but instead of a tournament, it's a free-for all! How does Kami handle Earth's biggest problem? Let's review, discuss and have an analysis!

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Is the Tournament of Power Rigged – A Dragon Ball Discussion

-----SPOILERS----- Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is meant to be a contest with the strongest fighters of the omniverse. Or is it a hoax?! Has this tournament just been a pretence for the Grand Priest? Is Jiren or Goku just going to win, wish people back having been used? Well, today we discuss that as well as how important that the Super Dragon Balls remain intact thanks to Zarama's Namekian roots. Let's review, have a discussion and analysis to this Dragon Ball Super reaction.

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