The Agendas of the Tournament of Power – A Dragon Ball Discussion

The Tournament of Power is all about picking the best universes and having a big tournament. However, there's more going on than that! From Frieza and his desire to rule all to Caulifla and her to get stronger to Jiren's secret desire for the Super Dragon Balls, Haverok and I deduce what exactly each major character is up to! Let's review this analysis !

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The Tournament of Power Half-Time Show – A Dragon Ball Discussion

The Tournament of Power has passed the halfway point and things are beginning to heat up! With over half of the fighters out, I discuss each team and how they've done so far. From Universe 2 to Universe 11, including the likes of Goku, Jiren and Ribrianne, I present the half-time show in a discussion/analysis manner! Which universe has been the best and which has been the worst?

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