What if Broly Turned Good? (APRIL FOOL’S): A Dragon Ball Discussion – MasakoX

What if Broly Turned Good? (APRIL FOOL'S): A Dragon Ball Discussion - MasakoX

APRIL FOOL'S! You thought I was going to review Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 today? Nope! We're doing What If Broly Turned Good? We blend the second Broly movie with the start of the Buu saga. How does Broly compare to the Iron Giant? What if his injuries led to his betterment alongside Goten and Trunks? Let's review and have an analysis!

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Who is Yamoshi – A Dragon Ball Discussion

Now that Dragon Ball Super has wrapped up for the time being, it's time to speculate about the movie and the identity of Yamoshi, the original Super Saiyan God! Usually I don't do this sort of thing but I think with a little mix of colour theory, showcasing the new Dragon Ball Legends game as well as the analysis of the words of Akira Toriyama - we can begin to piece together some clues about Yamoshi's personality and potential motives. Let's react, discuss and have some fun!

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