Lexx Appeal: Lyekka

Join us for Lexx Season 2 Episode 3: Lyekka the most offensive episode of Lexx in existence (if you’re American), and it dares to asked the important questions: Are you a potato ho? Who is Lyekka? Will Stanley finally get the woman of his dreams? What is regeneration doing so far away from Galifrey?

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Lexx Appeal: Terminal

Join Diamanda Hagan and I for this very ominous-sounding episode! Plunging into Season 2, we find ourselves confronted with the cheapest plot contrivance of all time that carries the most dire of consequences, evil doctors (with evil tattoos!), the best time to push an old lady out and airlock and was that an N64 controller?

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Lexx Appeal: Mantrid

Its Season 2 of Lexx and we’re smashing into the awkward with the first episode, Mantrid! What will happen to the crew of the Lexx now that His Divine Shadow is gone? (Or is it?) How are gay people again portrayed strangely? What is the connection between this episode and Human Centipede? We take it all on! (Titlecard by MisterPrickly)

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