Shark Jumping

We’re On Channel Awesome Now

UPDATE: LYRICS BELOW!! It’s musical time for some of Channel Awesome’s newbies! We just had to celebrate joining That Guy With the Glasses, and what better way to do that than through song? Written and performed by Beth Elderkin and Jill Bearup. Many thanks to Linkara and Bill Hanstock for their special appearances. Featuring: Ursa | Tyger | Battle Geek ...

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Shark Jumping: Saved by the Bell

UPDATE: LYRICS BELOW!! In this debut episode of Shark Jumping, Tim & Beth look into what caused Saved by the Bell to jump the shark. Was it Jessie’s caffeine pill addiction? Maybe Mr. Belding’s questionable ethics? Only one way to find out! PLUS stick through to the end for a special surprise from some of Channel Awesome’s newest recruits! Featuring: ...

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