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In the battle between dogs and cats, everybody is a bad boy. Nostalgia Critic looks over the hair raising insanity. It’s time to review Cats and Dogs!

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  1. I never grew up with this movie, but I do have a soft spot for dogs completely. Breaks my heart to see a dog in pain, etc. Was hoping for “Lou shall live” joke but I guess that is gone forever now.

    And yup, that last joke, screw you all those movie companies who can get away with wrongfully shutting down your channel. WTFU? More like WTFFUF!?!? (Where the fucking fair use fuckers!?!?)

  2. lilith_ascennding

    Talk about nostalgia! I remember seeing this movie in theaters as a kid and loving it. Though to be fair, I’m pretty sure I was in 2nd or 3rd grade when the film came out, which is definitely the age range they’re aiming for. Wow, did this film not age well. But hey, cute dogs and cats, I still wouldn’t complain :p

  3. I don’t know why but Tamara as the drunk mom reminds me of Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hateful Eight. Maybe it’s the way the makeup frames her face or the slur in her voice but I can’t help but expect Kurt Russell to punch her teeth out whenever she’s on screen.

  4. Honestly, this looks like somebody wanted to make Spy Dogs but couldn’t get the rights. Or the humour.

  5. I don’t know what Vessel is, but for some strange reason, it will just suddenly stop playing on my computer. I tried going to the actual site to see if the connection would be better, and it actually stopped playing the video even earlier (twice on your site it ended right after the catnapped joke, at Vessel it stopped right as footage from the movie began).

  6. Ugh, Doug I love your work, Your a good comedian and a spot on reviewer, but your comedy here is very, very week… although I did get a couple chuckles out of it but still.

    Then again I don’t really blame you , since this film hardly has anything to make good jokes from because of just how bad it really is. And yeah, this film would have been much better if it were animated, if any movie deserves a proper remake it would be this one.

  7. thatchickwithlonghair

    This movie looks like doggie doo. Glad I never took the time….

  8. Tamara’s mom character is so on point it breaks my heart a little.

  9. finally god! also this movie is WAY better then the 2 film

  10. Random thoughts as i watch the review…

    #1: I once liked this movie. As a kid from the Homeward Bound era, the ability to make a real dog’s mouth move with CGI was pretty cool to me. Homeward Bound is still better. Marty McFly beats out Emo-Spiderman any day.

    #2: And here I thought I would never like a reoccurring character as much as Hyper Fangirl…These “Parents traumatizing kids in the name of family friendly” sketches are hilarious. More, please.

    #3: The Catherine Zeta-Jones Joke is priceless. Disturbing, but priceless.

    #4: Beagles are cute.

    #5: MR. TINKLES!!! Now I remember why I liked this CGI monstrosity so much…

    #6: If the Nostalgia Critic released a twenty minute video that consisted only of him sitting in front of a camera doing his Jeff Goldblum impression, I would watch it.

    #7: I like Elizabeth Perkins. Has she ever been in a good movie? I’m sure I saw her in one once, what was it? Trying to remember…

    #8: ….nope, I got nuthin’. Help, anyone?

    #9: I wish Mr. Tinkles had won.

  11. I don’t know what is going on but I cannot get the Cats and Dogs video to load either here or directly on Vessel. I left it on the page for 10 minutes and I’ll I get is a rotating icon. I hope it will still show up on Youtube. I don’t favor YT very much since the videos detailing what happened recently with Fair Use, but it seems the only way to see the videos.

  12. *watches it*

    Wait a minute, wasn’t there a Fox Kids’s Saturday Morning Cartoon show with the exact same premise (the dogs being the super spies and the good guys while the cats were the bad guys?) but executed a bit better?

    • A quick google search came up with “The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs:… A Saban production they never bothered getting back from Disney in recent years.

  13. Why can’t I watch this video? It’s taking forever to load

  14. Also, I don’t know why, but during doug’s disneycember live action reviews, he didn’t do jungle book, or swiss family Robinson

  15. I actually loved this movie! But I hated the fucking sequel.

  16. Can someone help me here?! I can’t load this video!

  17. Ok, I have spent 2 hours trying to watch this, and the site is not letting me. I shall no longer be using channel awesome. Thank you for the many years of comedy. I shall be using YouTube from now on

  18. As usual, a hilariously awesome review. I remember seeing bits and pieces of this movie. Didn’t know that imo Peter Parker was a voice in this movie until I watched the review. This looked like it did have potential. But then again we are talking about the same guy who was involved in Son of the Mask and that movie was a WTF one.

  19. Vesper Angel 89

    I actually remember seeing this movie as a kid thinking this was going to be a good movie. But after finishing it I instantly knew that it was a horrible movie and I never watched it again.

  20. 04.22 oh man. You wasted the perfect opportunity for a jojo reference.

  21. ByTheSideOfWriting

    That kid has an exremely punchable face.

  22. Yeesh. Vessel + iPad platform = No Bueno. I guess I’ll have to wait until I can get to a desktop tonight to watch.

  23. I can’t believe the Critic hates Deadpool. It was a great movie!

  24. I can see where you are coming from, but I still like this movie. Even as an animal lover it’s kinda cute.

  25. This reminded me of that movie G-Force (the one with the guinea pigs…)

  26. Critic: “you like cat videos”
    me: “Booooo!!!”
    C: “you like dog videos”
    me: “Yeeeeaaahhh!!!”

  27. Victoria Heckman

    Dude, you’ve been saying what I’ve been thinking about this movie since I was TWELVE.

    The scenario of making little mundane things into high-drama secret agent stuff can be done well, particularly “Codename: Kids Next Door.” But that show worked because it fully embraced the silliness and cartoony elements and didn’t try to make us think it’s happening in the real world. Not to mention the characters were actually fun, memorable, and played by a superb cast of voice actors.

    I also never liked this movie because of the bias against cats… Not ONE exception to the rule, just “All cats were bad, and everything you knew about ancient Egypt is a lie.”
    (What is it with Hollywood bastardizing Ancient Egypt for the benefit American audiences?)

    I recently re-watched “Babe”, which also had several trained animals, and the difference in quality between the two movies REALLY shows.

  28. I can’t get it to play…. I guess it not important enough to watch

  29. Finally it’s up.

  30. HELL YEAH!!! About time you reviewed this film!!! I watched this one TV once when I was really small and even then I realized yes, this movie was awful, yes, it’s ripping off many other films, yes, it’s a disgrace that this is marketed to then my age group, and yes, Stuart Little was the superior film.

    Though watching it now, I’m only noticing how extreamly messed up the animation is, looking really creepy. Especially the sceen when we first meet the lead puppy; I swears the skin around his eye sockets were moving up and down in timing with what he was saying and he looked like Scooby doo when he was being thrown at that window

    Tobey McGuire? No wonder that character annoyed me as a kid: I spent most of Spiderman wanting to whap him upside the head. But the part when the mom talks to the dog when she first brings him to the boy about how he’s not a looser is kind of cute (that kid is so evil)

    Evil cat’s great: like Snowball the Psyco. Didn’t notice that was Jeff Goldblum was in this: such a waste. He was my favorite part in the origional Jurrassic Park series

    You have an ALF stuffie? Aren’t you cute!!! 🙂

    21:42 I assumed they were being taken away for training. CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE IS A LIE!!!!
    20:07 this was a weird segment…and I liked some of Alec Baldwin’s character’s…just not this one…and many other’s…

    I like the fuzzy dog…but I never want to see the clip again! (you’ve got a very WEIRD thing for Cathrine Zeta Jones that might have just crossed the line into ‘needing to get checked very soon)

    This movie is just as crummay as I remembered it: Stuart Little and Homeward Bound bow thier heads in shame

    Great review: like your old ones with to many good moments to count

    Hope you do more like these in the future 🙂

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