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So many people have an attachment to this movie, but in a good way or a bad way? The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Cats Don’t Dance.

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  1. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great video as always.

  2. But it is Natalie Cole isn’t it? Or was that the joke?

  3. The WiFi in my house is so bad it took me ages to realize that was part of the video and ironically it ended up being the least jumpy part.

  4. I confused this movie for the Aristocats.

  5. This was fun. And Darla and Max are the only things I really remember about the movie so… yeah, you nailed it there. I hope you do another of these in the future.

  6. I haven’t seen Cats Don’t Dance, but it looks like a harmless animated movie about cats who dance. It even stars Scott Bakula, which makes me wonder if Allison “Obscurus Lupa” Pregler has seen this movie. From the look on the DVD case, it’s part of the Warner Archive collection, but Independence Day (1983) is also part of that collection. …Now I’m confused.

    Seriously, Doug, what’s with your hate with Randy Newman. He gave us “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story, for Christ sake.

    An elephant playing a piano is like a Ninja Turtle playing a guitar ala Coming Out Of Their Shells.

    Michael Jackson also wanted to play Peter Pan in Hook and Spider-Man during the time when The Canon-Group owned the film rights before it was sold to Sony.

  7. TragicGuineaPig

    What’s with the unnecessary apostrophe in the title? Is it “Cat IS Don’t Dance” or “The Cat’s Somethings Don’t Dance”? Just so you know, apostrophes don’t make something plural; they make it either possessive or a contraction. STOP WITH THE UNNECESSARY PLURAL APOSTROPHES PEOPLE!

    Oh, great. Vidme is screwing up again and not letting me watch. Just love it.

  8. Devil's Advocate

    I’m pretty sure the allegory, like in Zootopia, was intentional.

    and I think there is a certain element of subjectivity on weather something is only for kids or for both them and adults. maybe not a big element but it’s there. I think this movie is good for adults too. but also, shouldn’t ALL things appeal to all ages and if it is just for kids, it’s inherently bad?

    • The Real Silverstar

      “Weather” isn’t the same thing as “whether”, sporto.

      Dictionary apps don’t bite, don’t be afraid to use ’em.

    • The difference is that Zootopia is family movie and it is classic kid movie, and they usually don’t think about that in those. I presume that is also reason why people complain about it despite it being pretty good for a kid movies lack of standard.

  9. Didn’t that villain also appear in Batman TAS?
    Also, regarding the elephant playing the piano: The same way Strong Bad types with boxing gloves on!

  10. The ironic thing is I was just watching Doug’s video of “Top 11 Movies I’ll Never Review” earlier today.

  11. I remember as a kid having a dream about this movie at the scene where it rains and everyone is sad. I tried talking to Sawyer and didn’t get a response-at all. That dream is more memorable than this movie, plus it introduced me to the cliche “now this is the part where we are sad and give up” scene that every movie up to Suicide Squad goes by. Puss out.

  12. I’m not afraid to say that this is one of my favorite movies.

  13. Wait a minute, I thought you said you wouldn’t review this one?

  14. Daniel Brizuela

    I’ve seen parts of this movie on television from time to time. Never fully saw it.

  15. You should review Blazing Saddles next

  16. Didn’t Gene Kelly work on this movie before he died?

  17. I had no interest in the movie before, but I might actually catch it at some time, just for Darla.

  18. If you want to know a truly terrible movie review the new(er) spongebob movie, the first one with hasselhoff was childish and for kids but the new one is just cringe.

  19. The animal characters were meant to be an allegory for foreign actors in Hollywood. For real. Also, I’m guessing that the main character, Danny, was named after Danny Kaye.

  20. Nice neutral review. Now about that review of the Tomb Raider movie as a GOOD video game movie…

  21. I’ve never seen this movie all the way through but now I want to.

  22. Can you imagine Michael Jackson with Looney Tunes? That would be…something. Amazing maybe? We’ll never know.

  23. I love this movie. I love the music, the animation, and Darla and her butler. The main characters aren’t really anything special (especially the male protagonist, whose name I don’t even remember despite having just watched this review… I like Sawyer though, she’s cool), but everything else is just great. Fully intend to at least show it to any kids I eventually have.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “the male protagonist, whose name I don’t even remember despite having just watched this review…”

      His name was Danny. Perhaps a homage to Hollywood stalwart Danny Kaye.

  24. Uh, Natalie Cole was Sawyer’s singing voice…for such a short video you could have fact checked a bit better and come up with a better joke :/

  25. I like to imagine that this movie takes place in the same universe as BoJack Horseman, but several decades earlier.

  26. Did you really have to resort to extreme fear-mongering to promote your cause?

    People HATE it when politicians make ads like this and they stop taking those candidates seriously. You risk creating the very same negative stigma to your justifiable cause by marketing it in this same way.

  27. I remember seeing this movie along time ago and watched it again about 4 years ago its really not bad by any means,as a matter of fact is pretty good!

    Problems is that most animated movies that are not disney try to be disney and not wanting to be their own thing starting with the fact that so many movies are musicals even though they dont need to be (or that their songs suck)
    but of course for this movie it works and it does often enough for many other films

  28. Scott Bakula actually has an incredibly good singing voice. Look up “Fate’s Wide Wheel” a song he did for Quantum Leap.

  29. Daniel Brizuela

    The reason it bombed was mostly due to WB not promoting as much as they should have due to a merger that was going on when it was being released. It’s well acclaimed and should be better remembered for also being the last film Gene Kelly worked on before he died as choreographer. Feel like Doug should have mentioned that.

  30. Creamcheesealchemist

    I went to the 20th anniversary screening a couple weeks back because I wanted to see it on the big screen. The filmmakers actually had a specific influence in mind, that being the Nicolas Brothers who were crazy talented but had limited opportunities in Hollywood due to being African American.

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