Channel Awesome Capcom Bidding War – Battle Geek Plus

With news of Capcom going on sale, the Nostalgia Critic and the producers of Channel Awesome all put in their bids for the auction of the century. Who will become the new owner of Capcom? Find out in this massive Channel Awesome crossover of epic proportions!

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  1. Heart-Lightning

    And this is the reason why I’m a fan of Square Enix, Atlus, Arc Systems, Monolith Soft, Nintendo and Sony.

    This would never happen to them.

    • Square and Sony have own share of problems, but they are too big to fall easily. Monolith is Nintendo now, and Nintendo is even bigger player then Sony. Atlus was always niche and they make good use from rising popularity of Persona series. Only reason why Capcom fall here is scale of mistakes what they made, you cant simply screw everything and they did exactly that.

    • You serious? Square Enix is the japanese equivalent to EA. They suck everything out of their franchises and consist mostly out of fanservice. And Nintendo, as much as i love them, repeatedly made the mistake of releasing consoles without any games to back them up.

      • You nailed it on the bat, sir.

        SNES and PSX era Square Soft would cry at Square-Enix today.

      • Bullshit. Remeber all the great games they made? Espciallly, Deus Ex Human Revolution. BEcause that is sure is full of fansevice, right? Oh wait, no.

      • Heart-Lightning

        All developed games that weren’t fanserive:

        >Drakengard 3
        >Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
        >KH 1.5 RE:Mix
        >KH 2.5 RE:Mix
        >FF10/10-2 HD remaster
        >FF14 A Realm Reborn
        >Type-0 & FF15 Demo
        >The Last Remnant
        >Bravery Default
        >Dissida 012

        All produced games that weren’t fanservice

        >Deus Ex; Human Revolution
        >Tomb Raider 2013
        >Just Cause 2
        >Quantum Conundrum
        >Sleeping Dogs

        All developed/produced games coming on the way:

        >Just Cause 3
        >Deus Ex Mankind Divided
        >FF7 Remake
        >NEIR sequel
        >Rise of the Tomb Raider
        >Star Ocean 5

        And that was all between this generation and the last generation. Modern games.

        • Oh please. In what bizarro universe were Dissidia and Theatrhythm not fanservice? I mean, I love them, but they are filled to the brim with fanservice.

          • Add Final Fantasy Record Keeper to that list of fan service games.

          • Dissida is a fighting game for Final Fantasy characters. Fanservice fighting games is something like SMT X Fire Emblem.

            Theaterythem is a rhythm game, just like Gitaur Hero or Rockband.

        • How is Kingdom Hearts not fanservice? It is literally the biggest crossover in video game history that has little to no reason for the Disney characters to be involved outside of selling the game to a larger audience. It’s littered with FF characters, so don’t even argue it isn’t fan service for the Square audience.

          • Heart-Lightning

            A. Many series do crossovers (Marvel vs Capcom for example) but most are limited to 2 series. You have the Disney Worlds and the Final Fantasy characters. What you are thinking of in Project X Zone with all different characters showing up because “fuck you that’s why”.

            B. An interconnecting plot. KH focuses much less on the worlds of Disney themselves and use them as stepping stones for what is going on in the plot. The FF characters are only cameos and don’t take up the plot either.

            C. Actual well constructed combat systems and gameplay. Fanserivce games focus on just saying “look at here! We have all your favorite series under one roof! Come buy our game and don’t bother complaining about the combat/gameplay! It’s weak anyways because it’s just characters!”

        • Grow up. Fanservice isnt just about showing boobies, it about designing a game around aspects that please a certain demografic. Like brooding Main Characters, flashy “I’M GONNA DESTROY EVERYTHING”-villains and forced “meaning of life/love/friendship”-philosophies that makes tennies feel like they are very deep and philisophic as well.

  2. Awful.

    4 minutes of people saying increasingly odd bids is not entertaining or funny. I skipped the video ahead to see where it was going at this point and was left with minutes of people talking about what they’d do if they owned the company. Same dull spiel as the bidding portion but admittedly giving the performers a bit more to work with.

    I couldn’t finish this video.
    I’m not as big into lolz random comedy though so perhaps others will love it.

    • This could’ve been my post. I just didnt even make it to the 4 minute mark.

      • I wasn’t sure whether this was real. Regardless, Doug Walker couldn’t afford to buy Capcom. God knows the man isn’t destitute, but he isn’t on the Forbes list, either (and you’d need to be to buy something like this – ‘hard times for the company’ notwithstanding).

    • stormywaters1014

      I feel you man. I really want to like BGP, as they cover a lot of topics that I’d seemingly enjoy, but the execution just drives me up a wall. They have heart and passion though, so at the end of the day, they’re alright, just not me for me.

      • In BGP’s defense and I’m probably their biggest fan here on CA, but I’ve felt for years that CA needed more skit and narrative stuff that wasn’t part of Doug’s NC skits or the anniversary specials. BGP comes off more like Mega64 and Silvermania, but the more I started watching them, BGP has such a unique style that nobody else does and I just can’t help but get intrigued by their strange and wacky antics.

        Sure, BGP may be acquired taste, but their unique wackiness is something that I haven’t seen anyone duplicate and that’s why they deserved a spot on this site a year ago.

        And yes, they definitely have a lot of dedication to get over 30 producers together to make a large project like this which most people can’t do. At least give them kudos for that.

    • I managed to get to around 13 minutes before I had to turn it off. So many funny people together and yet not one single laugh.

    • since when has battle geek plus been funny?
      i cant believe channel awesome is letting these people be in here.

  3. Donkey Duck XXX must happen!

  4. The Dom is the Man!

  5. It actually kind of breaks my heart to see Capcom going on sale. Phoenix Wright is one of my favorite franchises, I don’t want to lose it. Maybe Nintendo will pick it up? We can only hope.

    • Bloodsehd113094

      They aren’t closing… Really, why would you think this was a real thing?

      • I remember people saying Nintendo should have been the ones to get Capcom. It would have made perfect sense considering they had less than $150 million in the bank last year too.

        • Where did you hear Nintendo was only worth 150 Million? That doesn’t sound right at all.

          • I meant Capcom only had $150 mil at the time.

          • Nintendo is bigger company then Sony.. LOL. Capcom would be just another addition to they First Party Developers list, and because in opposition to Capcom Nintendo know ho to make use from oldschool franchises such thing would be perfect. Shame that Capcom already lost they lead designer, but maybe he would back if they get decent publishing?

  6. please let this mean Monster Hunter gets taken by a dev that knows what to do with it. In otherwords, give us a bloody MH title on a console that isn’t a teeny tiny handheld or an underpowered Nintendo system. Preferably bring it to PC. I’d play the hell out of those games if they were on better, stronger, hardware.

  7. Okay, can someone please link to me to anything that says Capcoms’ going on sale? Because the only articles I can find are from 2014, and that turned out to be just a rumor. I’m trying to find anything from 2015, but all I’m getting is either sales of Capcom games rather than the sale of Capcom itself, or those same 2014 links.

    • Bloodsehd113094

      It’s a joke and I don’t know why people are acting like this is real. Are people really that gullible? It’s just a crossover like The Nerd Battle and The Uncanny Valley.

      • Yeah, I don’t see why people have a hard time understanding this. It’s pretty clear to anyone with a brain.

        • Because everyone wish that Nintendo would bought them and solve this streak of pain. Even if this isn’t a fact, it is one of those believable situations what could happen (and would happen) in the future.

          • Growing up with the BEST Capcom games on NES and SNES, I’d love to see Nintendo take control of Capcom.

  8. Bloodsehd113094

    If I owned Capcom, I’d have two simultaneous Devil May Cry series going, one for the original ad one for the reboot. That should make all but the most butt-hurt fan boys happy. I would also be working towards an original DMC crossover with Bayonetta.

  9. 38 minutes of odd bidding. Bad.

  10. this could’ve been so much better like say if NC actually interacted with dr.holocaust and this whole thing wasn’t bidding and was like say 15 minutes long also nobody remembers darkstalkers

  11. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good Scrooge mcduck is coming back and I seriously doubt that the sites schedule will change. Anyways good one got beat by a dam dirty ape. But for the next crossover get some jerk with a camera to do it and you guys should do a video game style crossover next time. See you guys this Thursday can you post a Kung Kwon Todd video on Thursday or Sunday I would appreciate it?

  12. Dammit, all the E3 press stuff and busy work day made me miss being the first comment on a BGP video like I usually am!

    Couple of things I need to say:

    First off, good job on getting out of your comfort zone making 2-5 minute videos that appeal to the ADD ridden YouTube audience. While I usually enjoy your stuff, I always feel that it could be fleshed out a lot more. With the large amount of producers involved, there’s no way this could be a short video.

    Second, I’m glad it wasn’t ONLY the producers bidding since it would have gotten old after 10 minutes. The video REALLY shines in the 2nd half where the bidding gets more intense, the battle with the EA douche CEO, and the last battle between NC and Dr. Holocaust (who really deserves a spot here on CA). There were enough fun twists to keep the entire video interesting from start to finish.

    I know a lot of people’s complaints will be “Why wasn’t producer X featured?” and I would have loved to see Angry Joe as Corporate Commander (we’re the missing people just not available?), but I do love that more of the newer talent got to shine here along with a few of the vets.

    If I had to choose one favorite producer’s part, it would have to be Calluna’s since her’s made me laugh the most.

    So to Ryan and the BGP crew, excellent job on this and ever since TBF, I’ve been wanting another big crossover and while Some Jerk, Linkara, and NC’s TMNT video have quite a few, none of them ever felt like the old anniversary specials with everyone together. I know you guys don’t consider this the 7th year anniversary special, but I think it almost fits the spirit of that and I would love for you guys to handle the 8th year if the higher ups allow you to. Regardless, please please please do another big one like this!

    If I were to own Capcom, I would make Megaman X9 16 bit style like the SNES versions. I mean, we got Megaman 9 and 10 in retro style, so why not?

    Great job BGP 🙂

    • Also great to see Fard Muhammad who only appeared in Dragonbored and Pop Quiz Hotshot participating since he’s part of CA, but not an active producer.

  13. If I owned Capcom I would host an actual Street Fighter tournament, and everyone in this video would be forced to take part in it.

  14. Though I appreciate that you probably gave these guys a very loose script so they could come up with their own material I think this could of benefited a bit more from having a bit more order to the chaos and having more of the talent actually interacting with one another. Still there were some amusing bits and I appreciate managing to get so many of the producers on this. Granted it was only… half actually of the entire current Channel Awesome team but honestly not even the main anniversary specials could always muster that and honestly I appreciate this for actually getting people who we haven’t really seen yet interact with much of the regular CA talent like Animerica and Lucy Six and even Rud The Spud. Yeah really surpirsed to see so much from the later especially. Honestly makes me wish you were able to get more but hey this was still decent for what it was and honestly was worth the full watch.

    • I didn’t even know what RudTheSpud looked like until this video and also seeing Leon Thomas on camera was cool too.

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        I know what Leon Thomas looked like even before this video but not RudtheSpud but great to see what he lloked like.

        • I also thought it was really cool to see Ask Lovecraft who appeared on Nash’s Radio Dead air a while ago interact with other producers.

          • Also, why is Rocked Reviews dressed as an evil businessman?

            I thought he was an evil doctor!

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            When was asklovecraft on radio dead air can you send me a link to that cause I have no idea he was on there?

          • MidnightScreeningsMan2014: I can’t seem to find it on Nash’s website but Ask Lovecraft was on Radio Dead Air before he was accepted here on CA.

  15. Wait! Is this real?

  16. The Cartoon Physicist

    The bidding goes full force without Sleazy interrupting by the 17 minute mark if you want to know.

  17. The Cartoon Physicist

    I agree that Corporate Commander should’ve been in it, as well as Count Jackula.

  18. Debashish Mahapatra

    I came for Linkara. Aaaand time wasted!

  19. This is the absolute fucking worst thing I have ever seen on the site. That is NOT a hyperbole, that is NOT popular speak, that is meant literally. This is horrible, completely unfunny, incredibly boring, simply near unwatchable. It also basically made sure I will never _ever_ watch ANYTHING affiliated with Battle Geek Plus producers. How fucking dare you guys put this up, don’t you have any shame? Fuck this was bad.

  20. AutoInfanticide

    doug walker shone out as the least funny person in a sea of mediocrity. at least he stood out.

  21. Nice to see SF Debris involved.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Finally a good comment. I don’t like how people are being so negative to this and it’s nice to see a person besides RockmanX3 who actually liked this video.

      • You said it, man.

        I hope the BGP crew doesn’t take the comments to heart because I love their work.

        I remember how bad the comments for Phelous and Diamanda were when they started here and they pulled through.

        Haters gonna hate.

      • You said it, man.

        James Rolfe said it best:

        Those people who nitpick and complain about everything you do are the REAL Angry Video Game Nerds.

        • I don’t complain and nitpick about everything. Most of the videos I’ve watched on CA I thought were hilarious, and even the ones I didn’t at least entertained me. But this video is just soooo drawn out and dull. It is like an Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg movie: too much thrown in too quickly to actually develop the humor.

          • Exactly. It’s honestly quite sad to see how desperate the fanboys are to defend even such a horrible snorefest as this.

      • Because someone with reference to Megaman in name (Rockman is Japanese name of this series) understand what is going one in Capcom now, in opposition to random people blinded by nostalgia here. If someone decent don’t take Capcom in short time Capcom would be another historical annotation.

        • Exactly. Capcom was one of the companies that defined my childhood and this video also makes a great social commentary on what’s been going on in the past year with Capcom going on Sale, people wanting Nintendo to buy it, and EA games being complete douchebags by killing off Maxis.

          • MidnightScreeningsman2014

            The people at ea games are aholes and Capcom will never go on sale it was just a joke in this video. But the nostalgia part of it I totally understand it was a great company and let’s hope the reigns don’t fall into someone else’s hands(like that dam dirty ape known as donkey kong who is still awesome I just really wanted to make a planet of the apes reference there).

  22. I think it would have been funnier with a lot less of the host… Just let the editing escalate with every cameo and have the host come in every minute or so, instead of every 10 seconds… It kinda cuts into the pace of the comedy

  23. Doug Walker, Come On Down! You’re The Next Contestant On The Price Is Right!

  24. Give to to Doctor Holocaust! Give it now!

  25. Wonder how many stars this video would have received if they were still using stars? I’m usually not one to downtalk video’s but this was pretty painful. I’m guessing I’m not alone?

  26. ilovethings andstuff

    as long as nintendo or microsoft doens’t try to buy them. either of them buying capcom would be doom for gamers..

    if i bought Capcom i’d bring back megaman.. return RE to it’s survival horror roots.. and actually listen to fans about the franchises Capcom owns.

    • Mega Man and Ryu in Smash Bros are more of a positive indication of how Nintendo would handle Capcom properties.

      If Nintendo ever bought Capcom, I assume it’ll be like the Disney and Marvel buyout where Disney lets Marvel mostly do it’s own thing.

      • Also, having Nintendo put Mega Man in Smash Bros shows how much more they care about Mega Man than Capcom does.

        The Mega Man Legacy Collection is an insulting package showing how much Capcom doesn’t give a damn about Mega Man since Inafune’s departure.

  27. Well this was a whole lot of pointless nothing. Okay, I am here for pointless entertainment, but this was so plain bad it should have ended in the trash can. A lot of guys that scream “I bid…!” into the camera, if anything this is a rather good representation of how uninteresting Channel Awesome has become to me. Back in the day I nearly watched every movie, now I am left to cherry picking and these days I prefer watch those videos on Youtube.

  28. I really went into this, wanting to like it. But this has to be the most borig crossover-event yet.

  29. One click on the little x up in the right corner! Do I hear two clicks?! So incredibly boring.

    • yes its really boring I dont get the joke they started with 500 million billion cents which makes no sense but 500 billion cents is 5 billion dollars then every bid after was less is the joke that none of them know how to bid?

      • I honestly don’t think there even is a joke to get. If anyone in this video actually thought they were being funny… then it’s just sad.

        • If you’re coming into this video looking for logic, then you probably haven’t been watching Kickassia, Suburban Knights, To Boldly Flee, or most of Linkara’s storyline or previously on AT4W segments since those were every bit as ridiculously silly as this video.

          I enjoyed this video for the very fact it was silly and ridiculous on how the bids fluctuated and the reactions from the producers.

          It’s just meant to be a fun video with all the producers together. Just turn your brain off once in a while.

          • You just made a lot of assumptions about me that I’m sad to say are just not true. I’ve been watching all those things, and I found most of them quite funny and interesting. Some of them more than others, but still. The thing is though, I’ve turned my brain off for many of those times, and it worked out quite well back then. It’s not that I’m expecting “logic” per se, it’s more that I’m expecting more funny jokes than this.

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