Channel Awesome Capcom Bidding War Trailer – Battle Geek Plus

Battle Geek Plus and Channel Awesome are teaming up to bring you the Channel Awesome Capcom Bidding War on June 16, 2015! Who among the Channel Awesome producers will become the new owner of Capcom?

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  1. Looks like its an anniversary event happening.

    • I remember Doug saying the anniversaries weren’t gonna happen as much due to how long it takes to make the new NC’s. I don’t know if this will be the 7th year since the anniversaries have always been run by Doug and this is from Battle Geek Plus.

      Clarification, anyone?

  2. Whoah! So this is the big project you guys were working on! Awesome to see Doug, Erod, Diamanda, Shark Jumping, and other producers on board! I hope Angry Joe as Corporate Commander makes an appearance too.

    My prediction is that NC will win, but will fuck it up like he did in Kickassia.

    Really looking forward to this, BGP!

    lol, is that Scrooge McDuck at the end?

  3. Bloodsehd113094

    Calluna wins…
    There is no argument, she will.

  4. Channel Awesome vs Capcom… MAKE IT HAPPEN XD !

  5. This should be fun!
    PS: Brandon will win!

  6. Oooh, Horror Guru’s out to take Crapcom. I hope this means Jackula will be in on the mayhem, as well.

  7. Well i will call this one an unofficial 7th anniversary event.

  8. The Cartoon Physicist

    I think Hagan will win. As a ruler of her own country and a former eighties pop star, she would have more money than any of the producers combined.

  9. The Cartoon Physicist

    Or maybe the twist is Angry Video Game Nerd wins at the last minute! I know he’s not with Channel Awesome, but he’s been associated with them for years and it seems like something he would buy.

  10. MY GOD… An anniversary movie?! YES!!!

  11. Are they really going to buy Capcom, or is it a joke? It’s just that I figured people all over the world would be willing to pay thousands just to say that they own it, even if it was worthless.

  12. This is obviously a joke special little crossover video… that’s also likely the closest we’re going to get to an actual Channel Awesome anniversary video thus I also posted a thread in the forums to try and get more attention to this.

    Seriously looks like a lot of fun and really that’s the reason the original anniversary special was made: to have fun seeing all the producers come together in some form on something and what I want to see here as well especially with people who otherwise seem sort of distant from the site.

    • If this video is going to be as big as I think it’s going to be, then I’m all for BGP taking charge of the future anniversary specials if Doug and crew are unwilling to do so due to time and money restrictions.

      I really believe the anniversary specials are among the absolute BEST parts of this site I looked forward to every year and they really need to continue.

  13. I don’t care who gets Capcom, just as long as he/she gives Investigations 2 and Dai Gyakuten Saiban English releases. I WANT THEM!

  14. Is Capcom really up for sale?

  15. The bigger question is why people who have nothing to do with video games on TGWTG are the ones bidding?

  16. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Ill pretend that this is the closest we will ever get to an anniversary special and i bet that the nc will have an editorial this week on why ducktales is still awesome well that im sure of. But i thimk the only one not participating will be guru larry.

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