Chat with Comics Writer Pat Shand – Lucky Six

Paul sits down to chat with Pat Shand. Pat writes comics, novels, and pop culture journalism. He is best known for long runs on Robyn Hood, Charmed, Van Helsing, and Grimm Fairy Tales, as well as his creator-owned work Vampire Emmy and the Garbage Girl, Family Pets, and Suckers. He has also worked on comics such as Joss Whedons Angel, Equilibrium, Disney Princess, Zootopia, and more.

His forthcoming novels, Iron Man: Mutually Assured Destruction and Avengers: The Serpent Society, will be out in late 2016. Destiny, NY is his first Kickstarter.

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Robert Bateman

In the final sentence for the description of “Chat with Comics Writer Pat Shand – Lucky Six” because Joss Whedon is the creator of Angel, Equilibrium, Disney Princess and Zootopia an apostrophe must be added to Whedon to show possession.

Therefore the sentence needs to be changed to “He has also worked on comics such as Joss Whedon’s Angel, Equilibrium, Disney Princess, Zootopia, and more.”