Children of Dune Part 2 – SF Debris

Dune is now being transformed into a greener world just as everyone had dreamed. So the locals are rebelling, because some people will never be happy ever.

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  1. You made good point about Jessica pretty much abandoning Aliya when she would had needed her mother’s support. It does give some new prespective to her character and why she turned out way she did in this one.

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I agree that it does seem stupid for the Fremen to suddenly be worried about the worms dying out because the planet is turning into a paradise, considering that’s what they’d been working towards for generations.

  3. “rain and green stuff will hurt the sand worms and devastate our economy…not to mention render interstellar travel impossible!” “Hmm, you have a valid point, our standard of living is better but it could have long term consequences, perhaps we should…” “Kill the government leaders and turn the planet back into a virtually inhospitable wasteland! OF COURSE!” “I was going to suggest nature preserves to protect the sand worms habitat actually HOLY CRAP WHO JUST SHOT ME!?”

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