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Stephen King combines killer kids and corn, because they go so well together? The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1984’s Children of the Corn.

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  1. CRITIC.


    Been waiting for this!

    • Great review as always Doug. I can’t remember the last time you shaved, was it the Mortal Kombat Annihilation review?

      I remember being incredibly freaked out by Isaac the whole movie because the actor that portrayed him did such a good job of being an authoritave figure with a creepy child voice.

      The part when Isaac came back all possessed gave me nightmares for months!

      I got some money, so I wanna go into Isaac’s funhouse! Oh crap!

    • Munchikin version of the bad guy from Manos? That’s great! So critic watched Manos, the Hands of Fate! Was that in the MST3K channel?

    • I want an Isaac Doll. And to be fair to King, the short story is way better. And you never see the monster, or actually find out what it is.

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Cosmo told me corn was nice!

  3. And thus an entire series of movies having to do with amish children and demons were thus created.

    …um, how is that scary?

  4. YES it”s my favorite part of Nostalgiaween, Stephen king time : D

    Seriously I think thhe critics Stephen King reviews are some of the most entertaining.

  5. Ok, so whatever junkhole this video is hosted on – I’ve seen some other producers’ on there as well – I’m done with it. Keep buffering, I will check next year if things have improved. Bye from a regular viewer.

    The review seemed to be fun, at least up to the part when I gave up.

    • I didn’t have any trouble, try clearing your cache and cookies, run disk cleanup, and if you have something for adware, give it a run. If not, get something like malwarebytes or super anti spyware. If you suspect there’s still something wrong with the site, check it on to see if it’s your machine or the server.

      Good luck.

    • Wow. Giving up on a producer because you video won’t load? #firstworldproblems am I right?

    • Did ya ever think to check his YouTube channel?

      He’s been using these guys for months as his primary video host. Weird that you’re just noticing now.

      Anyways, for others, if you have trouble with ScreenWave, google for VideoWithoutFlash, a Firefox plugin.

    • He posts them on YouTube about a day after he has them here.

  6. I remember this movie scaring the crap out of me as a kid, but we lived across the street from a cornfield all the kids used to get into, and it was more that creepy feeling when you’re standing alone in the field, surrounded by corn nearly twice your height, hearing that deep, airy rustling sound, and feeling the stalks, leaves and cobs batting against you from all directions. Sometimes you’d almost swear it was something else reaching out to touch you… Looking back on it now (and having rewatched the movie recently) it really isn’t scary, but maybe it’s more of where your imagination takes it.

    And hell yeah, Isaac was awesome in this LOL Great review!

  7. That opening sequence is so self-indulgent, granted so is a lot of Walker’s stuff.

  8. Why is there a dick on the N of “Nostalgiaween” ????

  9. Just saw your recent crossover with Cinema Snob. Good job, man.

    So, today’s movie is Stephen King? Hmm… Better hold this episode off til weekend to do that drinking game. 😀


    I’m waiting for Home Alone 4!

  11. This was a strange but fine movie
    It had funny scene and dumb
    How did the adult let children win the children are weaker
    I prefer The Isaac from The Binding of Isaac

  12. Wait wait wait. This is not set in Maine this time? What kind of blashpemy is this?

  13. Corn was pretty creepy when Anthony Fremont was wishing people into the cornfield.

  14. huh the remake that syfy did seems better than the original.

    • In some ways yes I think the child acting in the syfy remake is better however, the main character in the remake is totally unlikeable. Also like how Isaac and Maliki actually worked together instead of Maliki betraying him. Also the syfy version left it to interpretation if He who walks behind the rows is real or not.

    • I’ve never read the short story, but I can tell it’s the more faithful adaptation due to it taking place in the early 70’s and the main character being a Vietnam war vet, as if to say there’s no way to escape from insanity and horror (maybe King even got the idea from hearing about the child soldiers of Cambodia, who on orders from Pol Pot, murdered dissidents, including their own parents).

  15. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good review Doug I remembered in middle school my class had a Halloween theme for our class and we chose children of the corn. I thought it was cool at first and back in the day but now what’s so scary about corn. Your right Doug I was the stupid person to believe that children of the corn is cool(which I guess is true to the book but not to the movie but at least the kids acting is cool). I like that the kids in this tried their best to do a stupid Steven King flick now that’s dedication I can get behind.

    Also glad your doing the wounded warrior project cause around her in Virginia there’s a restaurant that is supporting the wounded warrior campaign and they have a wounded warrior cup(I forgot the name of the restaurant though but that’s ok). Good review and can’t wait to see what you do for the third week and I’m thinking it’s either hocus pocus, a old vs new on Carrie,or a clip less review of the goosebumps movie but who knows what you’ll do!!!

  16. I actually use ” cross your heart, hope to die , stick a needle in my eye”. And I didn’t know it came from a Stephen King movie! Either way, FUNNY REVIEW!!!

    • I don’t think it does, doug’s point was that using the eternal lake of fire was a much better threat (especially in a very religious community) so why would you need the crosses and needles?

  17. Is that me or Isaac feel a bit like Joffrey in the way he talks?

  18. This is one fucking millenial who knows that after taking the turn at Albuquerque you get to Cuc….amonga!! 😀

  19. DAMN, been looking forward to this review since a few years.

  20. thatgirlinthewheelchair

    So Isaac is essentially Lil Gideon in a few years? Interesting. Great/funny review, Doug!

  21. I am confused, is it implied at the end of this film that the two kids go with the main characters and they all drive away? With the corpse of the children’s friend still in the boot of the car? Because if that’s the case the ending of this film is scarier than it is given credit.

  22. I was wondering what South Park parodied with Wacky Molestation Adventure.

  23. The problem with this movie is that it’s based on a book that can be read in an hour.

  24. The Cinemassacre Monster Madness for today was also A Stephen King Movie!

  25. And then Danganronpa Another Episode used the same premise but better… 😛

  26. A cob of corn killed my parents.

  27. Oh, NOW I see why he shaved. I thought it was for that Cinema Snob review. Let’s hope his beard and mustache grow quickly before people start bashing on him more.

    Ooh! Another Top 11 Halloween-related things list? I think I predicted that. Though I kinda wonder what he’s gonna talk about. Halloween songs? Halloween episodes from children’s shows? Halloween-related children’s shows? Top 11 worst horror movie remakes? Top 11 scary video games (most likely not)?

    Ah, that one person who requested a Simpsons Halloween Special must be so happy, too.

    Can’t wait until the next two weeks…

    Great review, too!

  28. So THIS was the Stephen King book that was in your ass in the end of your Event Horizon review.

    • I haven’t seen any of the Children of the Corn movies, because I’m not one of those people who are interested in a movie about a demonic cult of kids who kill people in ritualistic sacrifices.

      3:41- At least Linda Hamilton stared in a MUCH BETTER movie in 1984, the year this movie was released, and I have a poster of that better movie hanging on my wall at home.

      5:25- Pet Sematary did the “running over the kid” thing better.

      7:27- “Then what DO you have?” “A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

      I take it that Isaac is also the Lucas from The Wizard of this movie. Also, with the actor playing him being 25 years old at the time of filming, he is instantly better than the 35 year old playing the 10 year old boy in Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (aka the first movie The Cinema Snob has reviewed).

      10:28- I caught the Jawa dialogue you added there.

      13:02- And this is recently after your Cinema Snob crossover review of The Passion of the Christ. Weird.
      In speaking of which, I now know why you shaved your beard.

      16:56- Nice Cartman comparison here. Reminds me in your Blair Witch 2 review where that guy being interrogated sounding like Miss Piggy.

      19:20- That exploding demon is about as scary as a unicorn shitting out a rainbow.

      20:30- At least the ending to this film wasn’t as abrupt or unexpected as that in Skyline, and I really hate that movie for wasting my time in the theater.

      Yeah, out of all the Stephen King movies and mini-series you reviewed on here, this was the LEAST scariest.

  29. Ah, so that’s why he shaved his goatee

  30. I lolled at the joke about them hitting the kid with the car. Did you know this has had more bad entries in its series than any other work of fiction in history? I’m serious, I have never seen lower scores on the IMDb for anything than the entries in this series! I guess it would be gauche to ask you to review all of them. I already read on Facebook that you’d extend the Nostalgiaween reviews. Two stingers!

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