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Frank discusses what he wants to see when he chooses a game reviewer to watch. Do you come to the same decisions? What makes you choose a game reviewer?

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  1. AVGN, Armake21, Classic Game Room, Angry Joe, JonTron, Game Sack, PeanutButterGamer and a few others are my favorite game reviewers.

    • Chicken Puppet

      Good picks, RockmanX3!

      The problem with the major websites is that they tend to review games on the same pages that they accept huge full page ads for.

      That doesn’t mean there is bribery or pay-for-good reviews…but I have to wonder if all the advertising revenue influences the reviewers or accountants on some level.

      • Yeah, I stopped going to Gamespot and IGN when I discovered AVGN and Armake21 because they felt independent and genuine rather than the text reviewers at the time who were obviously getting paid to say good or bad things about games. They did it before the ad revenue days and it shows they did it for the love of it.

  2. I pick my reviewers based on whether they’re called Matthewmatosis or not.

  3. I don’t care about the review at all; all I want is the entertainment! I’m a blizzard/Nintendo fanboy so I know I won’t buy any other game anyway!
    Well, I’m not even that much of a gamer, I prefer comicbook. So, yeah, make me laugh! 😛

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