Chris Stuckmann: Hotel Transylvania 2

Chris Stuckmann reviews Hotel Transylvania 2

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  1. I might check out the first one…maybe…

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I saw some cutaway gags in dexter and in powderpuff girls(but yeah that’s his type of humor) I hate that I was thinking that it was family guy(ugh!). Yeah liked the movie too way better then the original but loved the diabetes joke even more.
    *dont eat too much sugar (other monsters name)the scariest monster is diabetes*

  3. People who use numeric scales (1-10, F-A) should use a 1-7 scale. Realy this scale is the best thing ever for review::
    7 Classic or golden standard.
    6 Something that gets you excited. Really good
    5 Good, but nothing to get really excited about
    4 Meh
    3 Bad experiene, but you don’t feel hurt about it
    2 Terrible. You are sorry and feel angry about your experince.
    1 Some kind dementor. It sucks happiness and makes you feel aggraviated, but, you get nothing in return

  4. Umm….Is no one else kind-of disturbed by the fact that the previous film clearly established that Mavis is only 16 years old in vampire years? (600 in calendar years)
    Married and pregnant at age sixteen?
    How is this family material?
    Oh, and there’s also the fact that if her husband isn’t turned into a vampire, she will be a widow before she’s even an adult.

    • Actually she was 118 in the first movie meaning she was 18 in vampire years. Now she is 125.

    • What Ssj4jw said. Also, also Dracula clearly raised her to value true love, or her zing, above most everything else. I doubt she’s unaware of the risk, and probably wouldn’t have cosen differently if they had spelled it out in the movie. Loved and lost and all that. Plus, it seems like a monsters are born not made universe.

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