Chris Stuckmann: Jared Leto as THE JOKER!

Chris Stuckmann gives you his thoughts on the first official image of Jared Leto as The Joker in the upcoming film, Suicide Squad.

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  1. Moviemantweeter1999

    Yeah it does look freaky but I bet he’ll make a decent joker(not as great as heath ledger but still pretty good).anyways can’t wait to see the suicide swaud movie.

    • this could be the visual style of the movie,The villains of DC through the prism of real inmates.

      or since Harley’s in it,they’re playing up the Mad Love angle.In that story he represents the novelty bad boy/rockstar type who treats his gf like shit to keep her loyal. And what’s more novelty bad boy than a tatted up skinny white guy?

      ….remember Crazytown? he looks like the lead singer

      I,too,look forward to this- WB making a DC movie without Batman or Superman,there’s less sightings of that than a yeti

  2. When I first saw that image I thought Marilyn Manson.

  3. Peasant the Dashing Rouge

    He used to look like jesus, now he is marilyn manson

  4. Because I was really disappointed and frustrated over the recent Suicide Squad animated movie, I kinda worried when I heard they were gonna make a live-action one. But then, all the decisions they took since now are the best possible to make me hipped to see the movie. I mean, Will Smith as Deadshot, just awesome !!! That was the best possible decision they could have made to make me interested in the character ! And now, they’re revealing photos of the Joker, whose design is both new and pays homage to the Killing Joke, what could I ask more ? Oh yeah I know, HARLEY QUINN FIRST BIG SCREEN DESIGN PLEEEAAAAAASE ! 😀

    But for a nitpick on Joker’s design in itself, though I really like that he has tattoos, I wished they were a little more… let’s say subtle. Cause yeah, the smiling mouth, the “ahahahahaha”, it’s kinda heavy-handed. But I thought you made a really good point about him having silver teeth because he gets punched by Batman all the time ! XD

    • The new Penguin’s going to have a matching tat,

      ” I wished they were a little more… let’s say subtle. Cause yeah, the smiling mouth, the “ahahahahaha”, it’s kinda heavy-handed.”

      with all the incomprehensible crazy going on in his head you would expect his tats to be more incomprehensibly crazy,not something anybody could think of.

      He looks like one of The Jokerz from Batman Beyond,those tats you mentioned imply he’s either into his own urban legend or he purposely cultivated it,which is a little too human for him

  5. So am I the only one that wishes the Joker wasn’t in the Suicide Squad movie? As a huge fan of the Suicide Squad I’d kinda like the focus to be on them, not some character that is only there for brand recognition. I like the Joker just fine and Harley Quinn is a character closely tied to him so I get why he’d be there, but I almost wish neither of them were in the movie so the movie could just be about the Suicide Squad. So here’s to hoping I’m just being too pessimistic and that the Joker’s role in this film is actually kept to a minimum.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      No, you are not. I think you are absolutely right that he and Harley Quinn are there purely for name recognition (Harley being present specifically to appeal to the horny drooling fanboy demographic) and that their presence will just put the spotlight on them and take it away from the rest of the Squad. I wouldn’t even mind if only one of them were in the movie (preferably Harley, since comic book movies can always use more women, and it certainly makes more logical sense than including the one villain that NO OTHER VILLAIN WANTS TO WORK WITH), but having them both in the movie will just turn Harley into a simpering, fawning, eager-to-please doormat with no will or personality of her own. At least without the Joker around she might have a chance to shine on her own.

    • I’m actually glad, cause the Joker is my favorite comic character (and I love Harley too), and I prefer them other the Suicide Squad ! ^-^

    • I agree also, unless Joker is the villain of the story he should be limited to a cameo or a Hannibal Lecter style resource. Mainly because you can’t control a psychopath, so why would you you release him. Unless they are going for a Dirty Dozen style movie but then it means that he will more than likely be killing villains that I would want to see more of.

  6. Why the flying fuckity fuck would ANYONE, DC, Warner Bros, or David Ayer (the director) want to reference Frank Miller’s horrible ASBAR comic? WHY?!

    Also, The Joker isn’t supposed to look psychotic. He’s supposed to look bright, colorful, and upbeat. It’s the same reason why the New 52 Joker with the face for a mask didn’t work. The Joker’s look is supposed to be opposite of Batman: friendly on the outside, monstrous and frightening on the inside. When you put the monstrous inside on the outside, The Joker doesn’t work as well.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      The Joker is supposed to be a scary clown. Many of us have never found clowns funny; we find them scary, and the Joker speaks to that. Also, with his long, narrow face, he recalls Punch, that notorious wife-beater.
      Am I the only male comics fan who doesn’t drool over Harley Quinn? Granted, male comics fans tend to drool over anything with tits, and the bigger the tits the greater the volume of drool (hence Power Girl), but I don’t find her remotely sexy; I find her annoying, and her pitiful subservience to and dependence on the Joker sickens me, particularly since he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her. It’s just another example of a male fantasy about a dependent, servile female that can be used and then discarded. Yes, I know their relationship is SUPPOSED to be dysfunctional, but that doesn’t endear her to me in the slightest, and her inclusion in this and just about any other project she has ever appeared in amounts to nothing more than blatant fan service pandering to horny, emotionally stunted adolescents in adult male bodies.

    • Uh, that’s bullshit – the Joker was based on Conrad Veidt (look it up), one of early cinema’s freakiest characters.

      I’m slightly apprehensive that with all the tattoos and such, they’ll portray the Joker as psychotic in the most basic and conventional way – but Leto is a proven actor, the movies should mirror the variety of the comics, and the Joker has taken many forms in over 60 years.

    • The beauty about the Joker is that there is not one definitive version of him. He can be a zany clown, like in the Adam West series, he can be a psychopath obsessed with the comedians of the thirties like in the Going Sane storyline, he can be a cross-dresser with a crush on Batman, an agent of chaos, a ‘supersane’ genius, an amnesic comedian, an over-the-top showman, a literal cartoon, There is so much facets and versions of the character that there is no ‘right’ way to portray him, just your favorite ^^

      (uh oh, I beginning to respond to every comment on this video, time to stop now !)

  7. Oh yeah, because clearly the Frank Miller Joker from ASBAR was such a great version of the character that they had to adapt elements of it into this version.

    Chris, not a single person thinks that this Joker design looks “too psychotic”. It’s a genuinly goofy design (not the good goofy obviously) seemingly pandering towards an, apearently existing, intersection between hipsters and pseudo emos. It’s just impossible to take this design serious no matter how the script and performance end up (I am however… happy(?) about him actually having white skin meaning that yes, Batman shoved him into that vat of acid). In fact, I actually think he comes of like Vitctor Zasz, who is a fun but pretty generic serial killer from Batmans rogues gallery. Also, the Joker would NEVER get himself tattoos because his narcisissm wouldn’t allow him to deface his body with tats (let alone have him cut of his face, god that was retarted).

    Since you brought him up: to me Heath Ledgers Joker was just fine. The performance was really good but the script could’ve been better. I felt he could’ve been easily replaced by, for example, Hugo Strange and the story would’ve worked as well with just minor rewrites.

    Also, we all kinda know that the bar for a Suicide Squad movie is Assault on Arkham (and the Task Force X episode from Justce League Unlimited) and the likelyhood of the DCCU putting out an at least equally entertaining movie about them is pretty slim given their track record and moronic business decisions.

    • You’re right, he doesn’t look psychotic. He looks like a pretentious teenager trying to look psychotic. They’re trying so hard to make him look edgy that he comes off as ridiculous. This is 21st Century Camp.

      And yes, if WB is taking its cues from ASBAR, that’s a bad sign for the future of the DC movie universe.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        I have to agree, it looks like WB is mining the worst elements of the DC universe (namely, anything to do with Frank Miller). We have a Joker whose look is lifted straight out of ASBAR, we have a Superman vs. Batman movie that looks like The Dark Knight Returns, with Superman looking like some detached godlike being and Batman as the tough, gritty, no-sissy-superpowers-for-me-just-all-the-tech-my-billions-can-buy champion of the common man who’s gonna take him down (a billionaire champion of the common man–yeah, right, whatever).
        Yes, Frank Miller thinks Batman is the greatest hero ever and Superman is an overpowered pansy, and has it in his big fat stupid head that Superman and Batman have to be enemies, even though in the comics they were the best of friends for decades, but never mind all that, Frank knows best, at least Hollywood seems to think so.
        So what’s next? Black Canary as a waitress with an Irish accent boning Batman in the rain? Batman slapping Dick Grayson (age 12) on the same night his parents were murdered before his eyes and then imprisoning him in the Batcave to eat rats? Come on, Hollywood, if you’re going to suck Frank Miller’s dick and spit it out all over us, don’t go down only half way. Do it all!

  8. It looks…OK.

    Not bad. I just hope Leto is not shirtless for the whole movie.

    I don’t like the forehead tattoo, either.

    Still, it’s kind of decent. Leto might make a good Joker. I have an open mind.

  9. So I dont like it. It doesnt make the joker look insane it makes it look like a guy who is mad at his dad. Without the tattoos he looks so much better. Hell just get rid of the damaged one and you are all set. The damaged one if the worst. It strikes me as a writer trying to write his characters personality on his body. What if batman had a tattoo that said hero. I think Leto will be great as the joker, but I hate the design. At least it is a good casting job since Leto is a good actor. Its weird superhero movies have been making questionable casting decisions recently, the new fantastic 4 all look awful(especially reed and sue), wonder woman looks bad, lex luthor doesnt look great. But who knows maybe someone will surprise me and finally add another person to the list of actors looking bad but being good that seems really short since most people can only think of heath ledger as the joker when defending casting choices.

    Also Daredevils costumes in the first season were so bad, it was a good thing the show made up for it.

  10. I am a little skeptical about this one. To me it looks like the lovechild of Marilyn Manson and Riff Raff, and while I guess the performance and writing will tell us if it’s going to work or not, it really seems like it would be hard to pull off, just judging by this picture. I don’t mind the tattoos, although the grillz bug me a little bit, but … his expression, I guess, is what’s really putting doubts in my mind.

    “Looking at this picture, I see an insane man.” Really? Cause I don’t. When I see that picture, all I can think of is a 14 year old going through his hot topic phase, trying to look/act insane, and just coming off as a doofus. So you can see why I’m skeptical.

  11. I mixed on this look.

  12. The one thing that I love about the look is that Harley is in this movie, and this Joker looks like the horrible, manipulative, abusive, vindictive scumbag that we all know. This Joker looks like a wife beater. Nicholson looked like he respected the ladies, and Ledger was a homicidal maniac. But this guy just looks like he’d treat a woman horribly.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Yes, because God knows we don’t see quite enough of men abusing women in Hollywood movies.

      • They might not show, or even portray Joker as abusive in that relationship, but anyone who knows their history knows Joker isn’t always “Puddin'”. But of all the Joker’s , this one is definitely a wife-beater. Even if you don’t see it, you know he is.

  13. Mark Hamill will always be the best Joker. Nicholson – classic. Ledger – awesome. Romero – cool. But none of them could blend the whimsical and murderous psychopathic natures like Hamill could. See Mask of the Phantasm, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and the Arkham games to see what I mean.

    • SailorRustyBacon

      I agree, although I’ll have to say on behalf of my bf’s Batman-fanboyism, that Troy Baker makes a worthy enough Joker to carry Mr. Hamill’s torch.

  14. Looks like a cross between the Batman & Son Joker (my favorite) & the Batman & Robin: The Boy Wonder Joker from the Millerverse (tattoos). Either way, he looks like a comic book Joker. Ledger just looked like Beetlejuice.

  15. “I like the fact that this Joker has taken the time throughout his life to tattoo things on his body that are important to him.”

    Like “Damaged” or “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”? Or the death’s head jester or a grin? Everything we can see seems either pedestrian or adolescent. Especially “damaged.” The Joker should not remind me of bad Trent Reznor lyrics. He isn’t some pouty Emo kid trying to prove that no one understands his plight.

    He should be a psychotic force of anarchy that no one could possibly understand. Am I meant to believe that the Joker really wanted to remind himself how meaningful “HAHAHAHA” is to him? Or that he’d resort to something so vanilla as body art to be shocking (if anyone is actually still shocked by body art)? I don’t get this decision.

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