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Chris Stuckmann reviews Kids on the Slope

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  1. I didn’t know that you liked anime but I should have figured now that I see some of your figurines behind you. This sounds really interesting and that comes from someone who hasn’t watched anime since 8th grade. I may check it out whenever I have the time.

  2. If you liked “Whiplash” but wanted less yelling and homophobia, this might be the show for you.

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head during this review as to why Anime doesn’t get a lot of respect, at least not in the US. Animation over here is mostly aimed at children, but even adult targeted shows like Family Guy or The Simpsons tend to be more low-brow comedy (no offense). Anime on the other hand really has no age limit and can tell serious stories (*gasp*) that even adults can enjoy if they give it the chance. Of course not every Anime is for everyone so it is annoying when people watch one Anime and claim they don’t like all Anime, which is like me saying I hate all monster movies after seeing the 98 Godzilla movie.

    As far as the show goes, I saw it after a very impressive AMV of it. It wasn’t really what I expected and the animation for some reason rubbed me the wrong way, but I spent a weekend watching it. I did like how the characters grow and learn from each other, but the romance kind of fell flat for me. The show overall was interesting and I love the scenes of them playing together, but it wasn’t great in my opinion. Solid 7/10 for me.

    • IMO people saying they dislike anime because of the one they watched, or worst not watched, is more like saying I hate all “Hollywood” movies because of the 98 Godzilla movie. As unlike in your example anime is not in anyway limited to a movie type. They have everything from Kids shows, to Space Adventures, to intense romance and drama, to psychedelic comedy and everything in between and beyond.

    • TooMuchFreeTime

      I’m right with you darkcloud. I practically had to duct tape my mother to a chair to get her to watch Spirited Away because she thought all animation was for children. She ended up loving the movie of course. Since then we have watched a number of anime movies together. We even ended up watching Death Note! (although we stopped halfway though season 2 because a: we got tired of dealing with the Netflix dvd thing and b: L was our favorite character)

  4. Just wanted to point out the reason why anime doesn’t always move well is because they’re still made on about a quarter of the budget of our cartoons. Some overworked, underpaid drone cut those corners to avoid killing himself.

    • stcerberusengel

      It’s a cost-cutting measure to ensure they don’t go over-budget. The fewer cells animated, the lower the cost. At least, that’s the usual reason. There are lazy artists out there, but they’d be lazy regardless of the budget.

  5. I really liked this anime and all of it’s music. I felt like it ended to quickly with a painful epilogue. I kind of wish the Motorbike accident didn’t happen so we could have heard the girl sing(her name escapes my mine) I felt their attention to detail with the music was much appreciated. The animation shines at the school with the duo.

  6. actually kaoru played classical music. he only started playing jazz after he met sentaro and the girl who’s name i forgot

  7. I’ll be honest, I did enjoy a good amount of the show, but the melodrama/love triangles all got a bit much for me at points and I had to take a break from watching.

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