Chris Stuckmann: Mad Max: Fury Road

Chris Stuckmann reviews Mad Max: Fury Road

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  1. that t-shirt is deadly

  2. I like the first 2. 3rd one was meh. Tina Turner only helped that film.

  3. I’ve heard of Mad Max but I never knew what it was about. LOL, seeing you go crazy, brought me joy though.

    • Trixie_is_best

      I have grown up with movies like Mad Max and has spawned a great joke. Mad Max is one of those over the top movie series set in a post apocalyptic world, or think Borderlands. If you like that, then you will like this movie as well as the rest of the series.

  4. I sometimes misinterpret reactions, but I do believe he quite enjoyed this film.

  5. Mad Max may have been influential but, i can’t fault anyone for not knowing about it. Its a very OLD-SCHOOL style movie series. Its old-school to the bone actually.

    As for the problem with action movies? I think part of it, is 30+ years of these film snobs out there consistantly turning their noses up at action movies almost by default. That may have (partly)FINALLY taken its toll.

    The nostalgia critic is as good an example as any. Don’t get me wrong, i love the NC but, Doug just doesn’t have an appreciation for a straight-forward action flick. He only seems to give seriously above-average action movies like Die Hard or Dark Knight their due. Anything less, and he’ll find a way to bash on it. Newsflash: Die Hard and Dark Knight are EXTREMES of the genre, in terms of how good they are. Action movies do not, i repeat, DO NOT have to be at that level of quality in order to be considered great and high marks in the genre.

    The original Arnold 1982 Conan the Barbarian is a great example. It may not have had oscar-worthy acting and its story was an extremely simple & sweet revenge tale but, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a very high-quality action movie. In terms of its cast, characters, how it was directed and shot, the costumes design, and that masterpiece of a soundtrack. Its basically the best sword & sorcery movie the genre has ever produced and is held in high regard by many. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find a film buff critic type to give it its due.

    And its not like i’m only picking on Doug here. Siskel & Ebert were notarious action movie haters. Leonard Maltin, the so-called “film historian”? No love for action flicks there. Then you have the various awards shows out there…. where action movies are pretty much blacklisted from recognition out of the gate.

    Ultimately i think the problem is that for many years in hollywood, its basically been a “unspoken understanding” that action movies are the (1) genre that is almost universally looked upon as shallow, mindless entertainment that only the ignorant masses can enjoy. Every now and then you’ll have something extraordinary like Die Hard or Dark Knight get made that will force even the most elitist film snobs to take notice but, otherwise action movies get a bad rep. This attitude has naturally influenced many other over the years.

    • It’s not fair to say critics are “turning their noses up at action movies” when they criticize one for having bad acting or an uninspired plot, just as a comedy with bad acting and/or a bad plot would not win critical praise even if it succeeded in its main goal to be funny. I sense that you are arguing that action movies, as a unique art genre, should be held to a separate set of standards than those of traditional storytelling. I would agree, but I must remind you that if action movies emphasize elements like gripping cinematography, powerful soundtracks, etc. then by their own standards, they don’t require traditional storytelling elements at all. An action movie could simply be a series of free-form, even if related, action sequences, without any plot (outside of what is apparent from the action) or character development. The animated Aeon Flux series did this to excellent effect. The simple truth is that any movie, action or otherwise, should not be given a free pass on something that it attempts and fails. To illustrate that point, an action movie with a weak plot fails by both action movie standards and traditional storytelling standards. A weak plot is, by definition, uninteresting, and the run time spent exposing it could have been used to further the action.

      Die Hard and Dark Knight might be exceptions of the genre, but they shouldn’t be. Granted, the treatment of action movies as sub-literate garbage by many critics may have scared away many good directors, but the fact remains that “good” action directors are the ones that can combine the essential elements of action with an interesting story (should he or she choose to include one at all) and well-developed characters (should he or she focus the movie on them at all)

    • There’s a problem with your argument against Doug and him “turning his nose up” on action movies. Doug and Rob LOVED Fury Road and the Mad Max movies before that.

  6. I am really surprised to hear this movie is so good. Based on the trailers, I thought it looked too frenetic and jerky.

    Now I really want to see it.

  7. I don’t know. I would say Winter Soldier is probably a contender for best action movie of this decade.

  8. I look forward to seeing Fury Road, thus far I’ve heard nothing but good reviews. I’m a fan of the originals so it will be nice to return to this world George Miller created. But saying this is the best action movie of the decade is a bold statement. I don’t know if I’ll be able to agree with that simply because I still feel that the best action movie of this last decade is The Raid: Redemption. I have yet to see a movie that has even come close to topping it. However I’m still looking forward to seeing Fury Road.

  9. Having just watched it I have to agree about it being one of the best action movies in years. I didn’t have high hopes but I ended up glued to the screen. the only surprise was that I went to the opening showing and there was 1 other guy there besides my group.

  10. Then I guess you’re going to be very disapopointed in me because I’m not a purist brainless uncultured Action Movie fan.

    • No need to talk down to other people for their opinions. Yeah, this movie wasn’t deep on a philosophical level or anything, but why the hell would it need to be? The action was so well set up and so well choreographed, it absolutely AMAZED me that the quality remained so consistent throughout the movie, without leaving me bored or uninterested in the characters (the Transformers movies should take notes). And it was nice to see an action movie that relied on its action, visual storytelling, and performances to flesh out its story. If it managed to make my girlfriend see it twice (and she doesn’t even like action movies) then this brainless action movie is certainly doing what it does best, and doing it right.

  11. I’m just not into the mindless voilence just for the heck of it with some social-political ideas Action genre fanclub or fanatic-club much, I like some original Die Hard (1988) and others that have more of an adventure flair but I don’t like Rambo-style or this cause I’m Russian and more cultured or elevated in my tastes like most Russians in their view of this particular American Hollyowood genre, too militarisitc and Fascist for our tastes.

    • Alaster Boneman

      technically this moive was Australia

    • “Perhaps, as a Russian, I’m too cultured and intelligent to enjoy high octane action like those Americans.”

      Wow! You totally don’t sound like a fascist, self important, snobbish asshole at all! But all sarcasm aside, I understand the whole argument that people have different tastes, but to attribute that to your own elevated, “intelligent” tastes as opposed to the brutishness of the entirety of a whole country, is pretty dumb thing to say in and of itself.

      That being said, if you don’t like big budget action spectacles, that’s totally fine. Just don’t go saying that it makes you part of a superior race because of it.

  12. THIS! MOVIE! IS! A M A Z I N G!!!!

  13. Alaster Boneman

    as some one who never watched the first three mad max movies I was a little confused and some of the gibberish words were annoying or imposable to understand but I don’t care abut that.

    this movie was glories

    I had to stop my self for cheering out load and going FUCK YES I think my favourite seen was when that guy gets blinded and go’s ape shit and then the music starts playing I don’t know what it was to or called but it was GLORIES.

  14. Oh what a film! What a lovely, lovely film!

  15. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Mad Max Fury Road was awesome loved it i love love love loved it its probably my favorite film so far this year and i havent even seen the first three so that goes to show you that my a personcan have this be there first mad max movie and they can still enjpy it. My only one complaint ix that why did the waterfall have to be cgi. But thats just an ency nitpick i also give it an A+

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