Chris Stuckmann: Mission: Impossible II

Chris Stuckmann reviews Mission: Impossible II

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  1. Awesome! Its been years since i’ve seen those movies (only the first three) but, your reviews seriously make me want to revisit them (goes off to check netflix).

  2. I realize that he jumped on a couch in 2006, but the fact remains that when Tom Cruise is in a movie, it’s usually an indication that the film will be good.

  3. I think the main problem with M:I-II is that John Woo doesn’t make sequals. It’s one of his conditions when making films. So in case of M:I-II they made a deal that he could make the movie, but it has no relation to the first one and is basically an stand alone film. Which is exactly what it feels like..

    My biggest complain with this movie is that story doesn’t evolve unless there is a scene where someone has a mask on. And there are so many scenes like that. The one where the henchman wears Ethan’s face at the end is a brilliantly made, but it loses its effect when already 20 people have been wearing masks the whole movie.
    And I do think it’s a rather bizarre scene plot wise. Does Ethan Hunt always carry a mask of his own face with him? Why would he do that?

  4. Again, never saw this movie but who knows when I’ll see it. Never saw any of these movies until Ghost Protocol. However, I somehow know about the motorcycle-bodies colliding scenes… Odd… Also, wow! I did not know that trivia about the knife.

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