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Chris Stuckmann reviews Star Wars

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  1. Oh god the part with toys was so funny, Chris your a massive dork

  2. With the power converters bit too, that was also to bring in the bored teen aspect, we’ve all been a bored teen, we always wanted to be everywhere else other than what we are, the only thing missing is Linkin Park playing while Luke looks at the double sunset.

    It was actually pretty brilliant marketing, around that time, Star Trek and Space: 1999 figures and toys were doing a bangup job for two low budget TV series, but the shows did kind of revolve around a bunch of guys in their mid 30s (though the shows kept referring to them as young men). Lucas basically knew these guys weren’t going to bring in the target audiences it wasn’t just an afterthought.

  3. Wedge’s reward was being allowed to continue to survive as all his fellow (glorified-extra) pilots dropped off like flies. It’s always been this weird little endearing oddity that this guy – this 19th banana character – just keeps on squeezing his way through in the background. At least they invited him to the teddy bear picnic at the end of Jedi.

  4. Star Wars is brilliant., I remember seeing the original in theaters in the 80’s., they re-issued the original
    trilogy in theaters I think right up til 1985., then the special-edition in 1997., to be perfectly-honest I love Star-Wars so god-damn much., I love both the original and special-edition., I also freaking love the prequels and the Clone-Wars TV Series (both the 2-D & 3-D Version)., Rebels., and even the Lego Star-Wars., this is what I grew-up., I totally remember the Ewoks cartoon., and specials., as well as the Droids cartoon from the 80’s., can’t wait to see the new movie.,,.

  5. Was the tipsy cantina patron being played by a young Jeff Goldblum? The world may never know.

  6. Chris, was that you speaking that alien language?! O.O If so, I am SO impressed! Haha. You brought out a lot of good points. For me personally, I am so thrilled that more people are liking Star Wars. As a kid, I was that odd nerdy girl and I was constantly tormented for being a nerd (that’s what happens in the ghetto). So it gives me joy to know that there are TONS of like-minded people like me now. That tid-bit about your wedding is awesome. Now THAT’S a wedding. I am SO thrilled for episode 7. It’s the first Star Wars movie that I’ll see in the theaters.

  7. Where did you find the tiny people to wear those tiny storm trooper outfits?

  8. Chris,
    I’m a fan of your show, I like your fun way of popularizing actual insight in critique and filmmaking, and letting out your honest opinions. This is my first comment on your show. Figured it was appropriate given the topic, which for me too was a life-defining experience.

    I liked your review, it’s refreshing to see someone see it as the movie it is, instead of just talking about the star wars hoopla we all know it became. You mention the opening sequence, the music, the characters, the troubled production. All very good points. One thing you didn’t mention, was the editing, in particularly of the final Space Battle. When I saw it as a kid, it was just a very exciting finale. Now, I can see its well-put-together structure, and the editing techniques which makes the audience know exactly what’s going on, even through its escalating structure. The quick reaction shots, the voice chatter, the POV shots, the cross-cutting with the Imperials and the Rebel command center. The intensity! Add to that the amazing score, and it’s an amazing sequence. Like you said, the movie gets better as it goes along. There are not many serious arguments why it would not be considered a masterpiece.

    Where Star Wars made the big bang, Empire Strikes Back give it direction, and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that movie next month.


  9. Fun fact: Reason why Lucas obtain right for franchise was because studio didn’t want finance this movie, so Lucas offered them that he make movie for free (or he get far less payment then usual, I don’t remember exact detail), so he gain full rights to it as payment instead. One end it was one of biggest mistake of any studio in history

    • You’re right. Others probably know more than me, but this is basically why 20th Century Fox owns the Star Wars movie rights (“in perpetuity”, i believe the wording goes), and LucasFilm owns the rest. It might prevent a complete Star wars box I-IX ever to be published, who knows?

  10. Han shot. Greedo never returned fire, hence Han did not shoot first.

    Just a thought.

    Incidentally, That’s the first scene I ever saw of that film. My cousin had it on VHS, and loved it. Looked like a spaghetti western with lasers and aliens to me. Only needed that Morricone score.

  11. “It’s so dense…”

  12. I’ve never understood Lucas’ reasoning for putting in the awkward bit with Greedo shooting first. The whole idea of kids thinking Han was too bloodthirsty and cold never held up because I was 9 years old when this movie came out and it never once occurred to me that it wasn’t self defense. The dialog made it clear Greedo was planning to kill Han and Han was just taking advantage of his complacency to save his own ass. The fact that he’s so cool doing is what makes him such a bad ass. “Sorry about the mess” is such a great line.

    I guess some of Lucas’ attitude has to do with changes in society’s attitudes about such things. When I grew up bad guys still used guns on kids shows and the word kill hadn’t been replaced by “destroy”.

    • One More thing. I know it’s no secret, but John Williams was just hitting it out of the park back then. Between Star Wars, Jaws, Superman, and Raiders of the Lost Ark alone he composed some of the most iconic music that’s instantly recognizable to this day and enhanced the mood of those films to such an amazing degree.

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