Chris Stuckmann: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews the new Star Wars: Force Awakens trailer with special guests, Schmoes Know!

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  1. Personally I thought this trailer was a load of pandering B***S***.

    • But it had a Han Solo changed by the ravages of time and wearing the same, hopefully-since-washed, outfit he was in 50 years ago! What could be better for nostalgic fond looking-back?
      And aren’t you just looking forward to see what Luke Skywalker looks like now? Maybe Princess Leia looking very mom-like?

      • I have a good feeling about this movie. I think it will probably not be perfect, but it will be of the new holywood quality wave of movies (like Interstellar). The characters will be familiar and probably have a good time. Younger actors getting chances. Let’s see how they fare. Definitely going to be a good movie.

  2. Wow, Your friends are idiot Fan boys, I am not that impressed with the trailer. I have been burned 3X by Lucas, I will wait to see the movie before I get excited or not.

  3. (as posted on Stuff you Like)

    Amazingly Effective Teaser!

    My only gripe is that I’ve very rarely seen a movie with ‘action hero I grew up with whose now OLD’ and looked upon that performance fondly. I don’t WANT to see Han Solo looking old. It’s a great nostalgic kick but that’s it…after the initial thrill you’re left feeling kind of…saddened by reality.

    My only exception to this general rule was Rocky 6. Somehow they managed to take a clearly old Rocky and make a genuinely good Rocky movie.

    I’m hyped. But I felt the same way about the trailers going into Episode 1 back in the day so who knows what the final product will be. Abrams doesn’t exactly knock it out of the park every time to boot. Still…hyped.

  4. I’m excited, but I’ll reserve judgement until the movie is released.

  5. I never heard of Schmoes Know. I agree with most of your points.

  6. Good coverage! I’ve only heard about these guys from being guests on the Adam Carolla podcast. They seem like cool guys.

  7. Watched the trailer after seeing this video. It was all right, it didn’t give too much away, but after seeing too many good trailers for disappointing movies, it’s hard to get too excited about it. Hopefully the movie lives up to the hype.

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