Chris Stuckmann: Taken 3 – Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Taken 3.

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  1. My reaction to this movie was exactly the same as the cover pic for this video.

  2. when i first saw the trailer for this movie i thought it was (another) remake of the Fugitive till i saw the name at the end.

    i have only seen the first Taken film once and didnt care for it. actually i found it to be unintentionally comedic for an action film. very dumb and stupid, so i shudder what to think this movie is like if you liked the first one.

  3. Uh, that’s not where your heart is, you just ripped out your pectoralis major.

  4. HAHAHAH!! Tak-3-N!! Excellent!!!!

    Also everything you says here are well known facts: Taken 1 is just awesome and one of the best action movie of this decade. Taken 2 is unnecessary, silly and crappy, but still tolerable. And Taken 3 is even more unnecessary, silly, crappy, but less tolerable because shamelessly rip off The Fugitive.

    Why-Oh-Why did they make it into a franchise? Why couldn’t they just make this one awesome movie that everybody will love and re-watch, and just….leave it alone? (Yes, I know the answer is money, it was a rhetorical question)

  5. My eyes,
    My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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