Chris Stuckmann: Taken 3 – Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Taken 3.

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My reaction to this movie was exactly the same as the cover pic for this video.


when i first saw the trailer for this movie i thought it was (another) remake of the Fugitive till i saw the name at the end.

i have only seen the first Taken film once and didnt care for it. actually i found it to be unintentionally comedic for an action film. very dumb and stupid, so i shudder what to think this movie is like if you liked the first one.


Uh, that’s not where your heart is, you just ripped out your pectoralis major.


HAHAHAH!! Tak-3-N!! Excellent!!!!

Also everything you says here are well known facts: Taken 1 is just awesome and one of the best action movie of this decade. Taken 2 is unnecessary, silly and crappy, but still tolerable. And Taken 3 is even more unnecessary, silly, crappy, but less tolerable because shamelessly rip off The Fugitive.

Why-Oh-Why did they make it into a franchise? Why couldn’t they just make this one awesome movie that everybody will love and re-watch, and just….leave it alone? (Yes, I know the answer is money, it was a rhetorical question)


My eyes,
My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!