Christmas Goat War – WTFIWWY Live

This week: the night Santa went crazy (at the KFC), a new way for the Salvation Army to ring a bell, and dashing through the snow in a 20 ton garbage truck…

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  1. Hohoho! I am gonna cut a Scrooge if I don’t get a Double Down, and a cookie with a Dr. Pepper right now!

  2. Holy shit, the lengths some people will go to in their attempts to either protect or burn down a straw goat is incredible! And just when I thought I heard it all…

  3. Loving the song you played from Greg! We definitely need that as the new intro song 😀

  4. Hello there Nash. Just a quick question not related to this episode: when you said that everyone who complains about the new force in The Force Awakens should go f*** themselves, did you mean it jokingly or aggressively?
    Someone I know who was on the chat, who likes your work as do I, doesn’t like how the new force works not because of how it was set up in the EU but because of how it was set up in the original trilogy. Now, I’m completely neutral about how the force works (though I really don’t like the new film), but the person I know was a bit offended by what you said, thinking you meant it aggressively and seriously. I’m positive you did not mean to offend anybody, that you were just joking, but I just want to hear you say it.
    That said, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way and think I’m trying to pick a fight or am being poisonous; though I don’t watch your main show, I love the superhero crossovers with Linkara and Film Brian and Here There Be Dragons and your review of Love and Monsters.
    Please respond because this is somewhat important.

    Happy Holidays

  5. Can I download that song on iTunes? Because I want to listen to it on a loop.

  6. Just want to say that at 14:00, it’s pronounced like “Darby-sher” rather than “Durby-shy-er”

  7. And Münchhausen-by-proxy just hit a new low.

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