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The Cinema Snob finds yet another War on Christmas film, this time featuring a Baldwin!

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  1. Wow. You know your movie is bad when Last Ounce of Courage has more decency than your film. This is just awful.

  2. Thank you Brad for taking us on another tour of the aggrieved Christian film industry.

    These movies never, ever take into account the simple fact that the government has never compelled a private business to remove a Christmas specific display. Or admit the wholesale commercialization of Christmas has turned their precious holiday into a meaningless orgy of consumerism that leaves them so empty they have to invent fake persecution scenarios to make themselves feel better about it.

    • “I don’t celebrate your holiday” is not persecution.

      “Renounce your religion or we’ll ship you off to the gulag” – now that’s persecution.

      Americans really need a healthy dose of perspective.

  3. It’s sad how far-right conservatives and hardcore Christians feel the need to create imaginary enemies in order to further their own dumb causes and attempt to return America to an era that never actually existed.

  4. If you want to say “Merry Christmas” to one another, then say that! No one is stopping you from saying that. It’s just so mush easier for them to play the victim card and act as though their way of life is under attack than it is to simply acknowledge that not everyone on the planet is a Christian and therefore not everyone in America celebrates Christmas.

    “First we’re saying ‘Happy Channukah’, then ‘Happy Kwanzaa’ whatever, where does it end?”

    That’s why some people just “Happy Holidays”, dipshit! Because “Happy Holidays” is all inclusive. It doesn’t specify any one particular holiday or religion, and the last time that I checked, Christmas was a holiday, so it’s included in “Happy Holidays”. Christians want every other culture in the world to celebrate and acknowledge their culture and their only, yet they call liberals intolerant bullies. The irony of that is so delicious that it must be fattening.

    • When all you’ve ever known is privilege, equality feels like opression.

      • That pretty much sums it up.

        American Christians are so used to the world revolving around the way they think, that the very idea that modern society, politics, and culture no longer afford them the prestige they used to enjoy is just mind-boggling to them.

        Christians used to see it as their duty to bring Christ into the world with them wherever they went. Now they are upset because the world isn’t doing their job for them.

        Meanwhile, in places like Nigeria and Syria, Christians are getting their heads chopped off. Do you think they care what color cups Starbucks is serving? Or whether the Wal-Mart wage flunky says “Holidays” instead of “Christmas”? I have to wonder how many of them consider that Christmas Day is followed immediately by the Feast of St. Stephen.

  5. God, I love it when you wear a onesie in these Christmas reviews. I was actually wondering what you’d be wearing this year. You did Santa Claus 2 years ago, you did The Grinch last year, and you’re now doing Rudolph. It’s reasons like this that show why you are one of my favorite internet personalities, Brad.

    0:46- I also haven’t heard of the song this movie is based off of, but I HAVE heard “The Christmas Shoes” on the radio.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I may be a liberal, but I’m also a Christian, and the “War on Christmas” is a bunch of bullshit. I’m okay that not everyone in the world celebrating Christmas, and I’m okay that there’s more that one holiday in December. Fucking white people problems!

    10:01- If I want a movie that takes place on Christmas, and the antagonist is running for mayor, I’ll stick with Batman Returns, thank you very much.

    16:05- Goddammit, movie. Mitch Bright =/= Ebenezer Scrooge!


    21:46- …I fucking hate Gay Jesus.

    • Oh, yeah? Well, I’m a conservative and a Christian. And I STILL call horse hockey on the so-called “War on Christmas.” As I said above, historic Christians saw it as their duty and privilege to bear Christ into the world, whereas today’s American Christians are embittered because the world isn’t doing that job for them.

      I’m also amused by the fact that I can say “Merry Christmas” to some of my evangelical friends on January 5, and they look at me like I’m crazy. And I love explaining to them how the Greek letter Chi (X) is NOT in fact an attempt to remove Christ from Christmas. And my personal favorite: telling them that they need to put the MASS back into Christmas.

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