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Appearing on several Top 10 Worst Lists, the time has come to look at one of the most despised Christmas movies ever, Christmas with the Kranks.

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  1. Wow. I was not prepared for that ending speech. Amazing video Doug. It is moments like this that make me glad that I have been a fan for years, and really appreciate all of your hard work.

  2. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Wow, there is literally nothing appealing about this movie.

  3. Loved that ending!

  4. Charles Carmichael

    Seriously, your old style of critiquing is/was the BEST! With your “Christmas with the Kranks” review your “2007 you” remarked that the “Hocus Pocus” ‘review’ wasn’t even a review! Totally true! I turned it off after 5 minutes. Call me old-fashioned, but all your ‘sitting behind a desk with the cut-a-ways’ are truly hilarious and define you. I miss that in lieu of the new ‘cutting edge’ and ‘performance’ stuff you’ve been dolling out lately. From one that’s been a huge fan of yours since day one, I say it’s time to bring back the funny.

  5. I get the message NC’s going for, but it’s kind-of still a pretty dick move to look at the people who prefer the older reviews to the newer content and specifically go out of your way to shit all over their criticism by specifically trying to make the older reviews out to be the worst thing ever. Don’t get me wrong, I like the newer reviews and think the Critic has done a lot of great stuff with them (clipless reviews aside) but if you try to disregard criticism you’re ALWAYS going to lose because, most of the time, people either have some form of point or at the very least a point they believe in that you’re completely disregarding for the sake of your own beliefs.

    And I get it, sometimes people are wrong, sometimes people are REALLY wrong and completely stupid, but, at the end of the day, as a content producer, you need to hold yourself to a higher standard than those people and just move on instead of basing an entire episode around how right you think you are.

  6. You probably won’t read this comment. But, for the slim chance you actually might read it…

    The first review of yours I have ever watched was Man of Steel crossover and I found it thanks to Angry Joe. So, your “new” style of reviews was the first style I have ever came across. Later, as I discovered whole, thanks to you I have discovered a lot of amazing people sharing their thoughts and opinions. And eventually I have watched all your reviews as well.

    To me, it was never about the way you made a review. You almost always found a way how to make fun of movies. Some reviews were good, some bad, it wasn’t about the format, but about style. Just like you can have amazing satirical comedy Boldly Flee(which I find so entertaining I watch it at least once a month) with “little” money, and have terrible Hollywood “satirical” movies. It’s the same with art and entertaining in general. Format doesn’t matter, it’s about what is actually delivered to people. So, I enjoyed both, your old and new reviews and even the clipless reviews.

    But if I do have to choose I would go with the new ones more. Not always because of quality. But because I like seeing Critic interacting with other people. And I like both Malcolm and Tamara, and Rob, I liked Rachel, and I even like that short-dark-haired guy who’s doing your make up and is occasionally in your reviews(and I’m really sorry for not remembering your name short-dark-haired guy). And also many other people that are just making the show amazing.

    But, considering all that, I think this episode was probably the best you made so far. Not because of the review, which was good, nothing amazing, but still good. It was because of the skits you made, about the internet, the fans, and about yourself. Or maybe it was really just about the Critic himself. But still, it made the Critic, or you, much more… human. The Critic, or you, really opened up himself and actually gave us a bit more feelings and informations of his, yours, past. And that’s amazing. The last time I ever felt a bit of that was at the end of your Scooby Doo review. It was very emotional, very relatable and it felt very honest. And that’s among the best things any form of art can give you.

    I know you can’t make those all the time, because Nostalgia Critic is a comedy, not a tragedy. And I wouldn’t even want them all the time, because the Critic would lost a lot of his identity in that. But, if you will make one some day in the future I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

    So, that’s about it. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re amazing guy!

    • ” But because I like seeing Critic interacting with other people. And I like both Malcolm and Tamara, and Rob, I liked Rachel, and I even like that short-dark-haired guy who’s doing your make up and is occasionally in your reviews(and I’m really sorry for not remembering your name short-dark-haired guy). And also many other people that are just making the show amazing.”

      This is why I think the newer reviews are good.

  7. OK, I’m done. The self-congratulatior mastrubation has reached critical mass. And you know what the funniest part is? I liked your videos more in the old days. At least then they were funny, as opposed to the preachy nonsense that they’ve become.

  8. Personaly, i liked old Critic a little bit more. Because I wanna watch actual review, and sketches sometimes is too distractive. I understand why this sketches exist and messeges you convey throug them, but… Yeah, not my thing.

  9. I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about this review.

    I started out nicely enough with a throwback to his original format, but the minute he addressed the criticism about the clipless reviews, it just made me angry at how he insists the new format is fine. In my opinion, it isn’t, but then he did the speech at the end, and part of it did resonate with the importance of change and looking back.

    I get that people like the new format, I get that it’s a way to fight back against YouTube’s broken copyright rules, but I will never like this new style. I think it goes against what Doug and Rob said in their review of Blues Brothers 2000 in that without clips, it is half a review. But you know what, if people manage to find some humor and insight in these kinds of reviews, good on them for doing something I cannot. And in the end, it’s Doug’s show and he’s free to do whatever he pleases with it. I’m just not going to watch them, simple as that. If it’s a review similar to Hocus Pocus, I’ll just read the comments first before watching it to get an idea of what it is. For the sake of moving on to more important things in life, this will be the last time I’m ever going to mention the clipless reviews in the comments of ANYTHING ever.

    • I agree in that I like the old reviews with clips better. For me, the old style of having the Nostalgia Critic talk at himself, using clips, and his old running jokes was what gave it the heart. The cheapness of the show was what made it so likeable and at the same time creative. This style is like the Rocky movies for me. There have been 7 Rocky movies now for almost 40 years with the same formula and yet it still works because there is a heart behind them. I also feel like the new style of reviews is more about style over substance. The new reviews are bolstered by bigger budgets and more actors but they too much focus away from the movie being reviewed.

      A lot of online reviewers in commentaries seem to be very hard on their first videos and even kind of ashamed of them. However, I find that their oldest videos are my favourite. I know that creators are very critical of their own works because they know the actual work that went into making them but I think they should also be kind of considerate of fans that actually love those old videos.

      I liked how Nostalgia Critic Paid tribute to the old style in this review but I wished that the old style was in the entire review rather than just the first half of it.

  10. I am not really sure why you thought the running jokes you did were forced because they always fit and part of charm of the comedy that you and the other producers on this site had. I mean you are the reason why OF COURSE has nearly 1 million views on youtube. There is just something fun about over-blowing an obscure quote from a crappy movie. That is pretty much the essence of internet for me lol.
    Sorry, I guess it should be

  11. This whole video felt very ironic to me. He spends the whole time hating on his old way of doing things while I am sitting here actually enjoying his videos again for the first time in probably a year. He talks about how bad his memes are when I’m like, “Oh hey! Back when his jokes were funny enough to actually warrant call backs to them!” He talks about how his “reviews” that don’t actually review the movies get a lot more hits (which I don’t doubt. the internet is stupid that way.) but ironically I never watched the Jurassic World one because I hadn’t seen the movie and didn’t want it spoiled, watched the Pixel one and didn’t really like it, skipped the Mad Max one as I found out from others that no reviewing actually ever took place, and five minutes into the Hocus Pocus one just turned it off and walked away out of outright disgust for how he wasn’t reviewing it. Now I always check the comment section first to make sure he’s actually reviewing the movie and not just playing dress-up with friends.

    But hey, it’s your show, and if you’re happy, then I’m happy for you…. I won’t be watching you anywhere near as often as I used to, but others out there will and they’ll like it, so you keep an audience and I find other funny movie reviewers (There are dozens now days to choose from.) So we both win!

  12. I liked this movie. Though I didn’t like they gave in at the end. Honestly, screw Christmas. It’s not about religion anymore, it’s about money money money.

    • Seriously, think about it – this entire neighborhood is obsessed with Christmas to the point where they harass the neighbors – I wonder what they would do if someone Jewish or Muslim moved in? Or how about a Pagan who does Solstice, not Christmas?

      If I was the Kranks I would’ve informed the daughter of the truth a long time ago, burn Frosty on the front lawn, and tell the neighbors to fuck themselves with a candy cane dildo.

  13. I don’t watch Christmas movies but even I’ve heard of this movie’s reputation. LOL. Although, you tricked me by making this a retro review at first. 🙁 I still liked the retro reviews more (with clips), for the most part. Still that being said, the only one that I really didn’t like was the Hocus Pocus review because I’ve never seen the movie and so I didn’t understand barely any of the jokes. However, this new format can be good sometimes, especially the Son of the Mask review. 😀

    I already watch Linkara.

  14. flamethrower-guitar

    I think this has become one of my new favorite reviews. I just love all of your Christmas reviews, Doug! All of your reviews are heartfelt, but the Christmas ones really go for it, which I love.

    I also love your commentary on appreciating the past but also on the necessity of evolving your art. So many people, especially online, want to cling to how things used to be, without realizing what a beautiful thing change really is. It’s also necessary as an artist. Imagine if the great filmmakers and artists had just stuck to one way of doing things for their entire lives. Kubrick, for example, whose earlier films were very different from his later films. The earlier ones like Dr. Strangelove were very good too, but if he had just kept doing the same thing we never would have gotten The Shining or 2001.

    I love your old reviews, I love your new reviews even more, and it is so cool to see how your art has evolved. I look forward to seeing what the future will hold!

    Merry Christmas!

  15. You got me, man.. you really did. Watching this review expecting a good NC ribbing on Kranks, but by the end i was all teary-eyed. I think so many of us fans seem to forget what this has always been about, and that is to make us laugh. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into the life that formed who you are today.

  16. The theme at the end credits should have been “The Nostalgia Critic Anthem” (The old NC theme.)

  17. I had a feeling you’d review this film after you talked about it in the behind-the-scenes video of the previous review. I remember seeing this movie in theaters when it was released 11 years ago, and me and my sister went to it because of the premise shown in the trailers and TV spots, and seeing the actual film was really head-scratching.

    • Nice job on mentioning what happened to Santa Christ in the Snob/Critic review of The Passion of the Christ (BTW, I’ll be sticking with better bible movies, like The Nativity Story, thank you very much).

      5:35- Looks more like Tim Allen is trying to pull off the Darth Vader impression (Only 2 nights away until The Force Awakens).

      Critic, you’re in 2007, a time where ISIS hasn’t exist yet, Osama bin Ladin is still alive, Starbucks still celebrates Christmas, and Donald Trump is less of a dick than he would eventually become.

      The neighbors and townsfolk in this movie act more extreme than the ones on The Simpsons.

      Thank you, Doug, for bringing back ELEPHANT, “OF COURSE,” Big Lipped Alligator Moment, CHUCK NORRIS, “I WAS FROZEN TODAY,” BOOMER WILL LIVE, TIMING, “That’s a lot of fish,” RHEUMATISM, and SPIDERS.

      Fun fact about Frosty turning evil on The Kranks: When I saw this movie in theaters, I heard a little girl cry. …No joke. I literally heard a little girl in the audience cry. It’s THAT scary that I started to agree with her.
      I also found it weird that Frosty smiled when The Kranks were canceling their canceling of Christmas. …”Canceling their canceling”? Did I just write that?
      About Frosty with the fire eyes, this would have been a much better look for Jack Frost in the Jack Frost horror films Phelous reviewed in 2011.

      I also have a problem with how LOOOOOOOOOONG this movie ends, and people have problems with the ending of The Return of the King; at least THAT movie wrapped everything up. This is just stalling, the same kind of stalling Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas was stalling through out it’s 80 minute running time.

      27:27- That was also MY reaction after seeing it back in the day. At least it wasn’t as regrettable for me to see than it was years later with Skyline.

      Nice ending, gang, and Merry Christmas.

  18. Am I alone in noticing that JLC has a pretty good bikini body?

  19. Man, I missed the simplicity XD Thanks, Doug. Still my favorite.

  20. It’s odd, my family likes this movie because it reminds them of a few ways my Mom and Dad have acted before. I can tolerate it but it’s not a great movie. I really enjoyed this review and it gave me a lot of great laughs.

    I do miss the way some old reviews were done but the newer reviews have grown on me in their own way. Reviews like Ghost Dad and Devil were some of my favorites. In my opinion, they had a great mix funny skits, clips, and sometimes just the critic talking about scenes from the movie and why they’re bad.

    I’ve really enjoyed watching Channel Awesome and The Nostalgia Critic grow so much over the years. I look forward to seeing more from you all in the future.

  21. First off, AWSOME REVIEW! I heard this movie was bad but damn… If you weren’t using this as a way to comment on the complaints, this could have been a zombie/Brain Snatcher Christmas review.

    “Celebrate Christmas with us, Tim Allen… Join the collec- Imean… Celebrate Christmas…”

    As for the new review style, I like the clipless reviews. I don’t know why people have such a hard time with them. Keep doing you.

    And real touching ending too. If my heart wasnt a black husk of a pump, I would have cried a bit at that.

  22. Goddamnit who put this bowl of onions under my eyes

  23. 9:00 – Why doesn’t she call the police?

    12:30 – I see a white bar.

    15:00 – Prove it? Like, compare their birth certificates?

    15:15 – Considering how crazy everyone else has been acting toward them this seems like a reasonable precaution.

    17:40 – Why don’t they call the police?

    24:00 – Ohhhh, that was why.

  24. While watching this there was an ad for this movie in TV!

  25. I honestly enjoy most of the skits, some of them are damn funny. I really thought you guys did an amazing job with Fury Road and Hocus Pocus, especially Hocus Pocus. I thought you pulled the three witches off splendidly. I had to do a doubly take to realize that was Doug dress up he did such a great job.

    I can understand people getting twitchy if too many are done in a row, but I find them a nice break from the traditional reviews. I also understand that copy right things are becoming an issue so not all reviews can be done in your traditional format. There are two main tropes of people it seems:

    1) The purist that screamed about Bumblebee not being a volkswagon bug

    2) The ones that understand times change and updating something to be current era is fine so long as the core and heart remains.

    An example I can think of personally: I loath the new design for the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. The artwork is cringe worthy and I can’t stand it BUT, each of the turtles are the turtles and the core of TMNT is there. While I don’t care for the artwork, I love the story, characters and music.

    Don’t stop doing what you are doing. For every negative comment, there are hundreds of silent fans greatly enjoying your work.

  26. This is a really good review, one of the best actually. It has the best message at the end, and actually made me feel something for once.

  27. The yellow wall is back !!!!!

  28. Really appreciate the speech at the end. I admit, I do sort of miss some of the recurring jokes and I feel that his criticisms of his past sense of humor are a little unfair; they usually did have decent comedic timing and I think a lot of us here still appreciate the past reviews. Even so, I think it’s also important to recognize, as he was nearing his “last review”, a lot of his reviews did seem to be a little bland and it DID seem like he was trying too hard to force some of those repeated memes and create too many new ones.

    I appreciate the fact that he’s willing to try new things and make new jokes. I appreciate the fact that he tries to branch out and WRITE clever jokes with each episode instead of just repeating the same “RAAAAAAGE” shtick that, honestly, would have eventually gotten old after a while.

    Now, I’ll say that I don’t 100% like EVERYTHING new he does. For example, as funny as the clipless reviews are at being parodies, I really do heavily prefer watching reviews with clips. It’s not because I feel like the clipless reviews don’t commentate on the movie itself, but because it’s funnier to see the true scenes from the movie being poked fun of instead of hyporbolic, over-the-top versions of the clips themselves being critiqued. The parodies are fine on their own and funny critiques in themselves. But to have those parody scenes analyzed just feels a little.. wrong. It’s like someone drawing a caricature of another person, then showing it to someone else and using it as a visual aid to legitimately and verbally criticize their appearance.

    But even then, that’s just my own personal opinion. I would much rather him experiment with whatever he wants to experiment with (even if it occasionally results in something that people don’t like as much) than to just continue doing the same tired thing over and over and over again without even really wanting to. I think it’s great that he’s even making this stuff at all and it’s fantastic that he gets to do something that he really enjoys as an occupation.

    We, the viewers, might not always agree with what he does and that’s perfectly okay. Heck, it would be downright hypocritical to say that no one is allowed to criticize his videos considering his videos ARE critiques. But critiquing isn’t about what we WANT and what we ENJOY from a medium because.. hey, I’m sure we all have things that we love and enjoy even though we know they aren’t really good for us. Critiquing is about defining what is legitimately GOOD and WELL-CRAFTED. Obviously, there’s a massive grey area when defining whether a work of art is good or bad because a lot of it really is subjective, but there are still objective qualities that art has, such as artistic devices used to communicate a message and how effectively those devices are to communicate the intended message. Being a good critic is about learning to identify when these devices are used and appreciating things that you might not prefer or agree with but still see effort put into. Likewise, being a good critic also means recognizing when something that you really LIKE isn’t necessarily directly correlated with something that’s GOOD. Doug’s old reviews are not awful by any means and I feel, in a way, he’s not giving his older self enough credit for the effort put into them. But when you objectively dissect artistic devices and methods of creation for his old reviews versus his newer ones.. well.. the newer ones are better. I admit, I really like the novelty of his older reviews. They were quick, fun, and energetic. But as time has gone on, he’s doing a much better job of actually analyzing and relating jokes with the source material. Instead of inserting a movie’s film clips into his “NC RAAAAAGE” template, he adapts each review to fit the unique aspects of each movie which.. honestly, does a much better job of making well-founded, time-withstanding humor.

    I’m glad the Doug’s doing what he’s doing and, whether it results in something we find good or something we find bad, I’d rather see experimentation than stagnation. Keep doing what you love, Doug! You’ll always find ways to keep us laughing.

    • I agree that even though I really like old reviews and running jokes his episodes nearing the end started to became kind of stale. If Doug really likes his new style and feels that he will just feel kind of burnt out by going back to his old style, it is completely fine and understandable. We all still have a place to watch and enjoy his old videos. I still watch his old reviews all the time. It is really good that he actually archives all of his videos and reuploaded all of them on this website when blip closed. Hopefully Spoony does that eventually also.

  29. I like the reviews, clipless or not.

    …Yeah, not much of a comment, but sort and to the point for once..

  30. I’ll admit, I kind of missed the past memes. Of Course, Big Lipped Alligator Moment, Boomer Will Live…Not upset that they’re gone of course, evolution happens to everyone, but I miss them.

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