Christmas with the Superheroes #2 – AT4W

I forgot to put this up yesterday! So enjoy this post-seasonal delight and depression!

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  1. Interesting to see a comic get basic bat facts so wrong! The bat they showed is a common vampire bat, which lives in Mexico and South America, and they don’t attack and eat live prey at all. They sneak up on large animals that are asleep, then make a small incision and lap up the blood that comes out. The animal doeesn’t even notice until morning, and it’s only in cases of over- or under-population where it’s at all a problem. The vampire bat would never attack a rabbit like that, and especially not a bird! In fact, bats and birds often fly together as they migrate.

    There are some species of bats that eat meat, but those are even farther out of the range of the USA! Next you’ll be telling me that the bats in the cave have enough strength to fly straight through a mansion window or something.

  2. Little nitpick here: the crashed plane in Silent Night is a British biplane, Ace flies a German triplane.

  3. People like this version of your theme song better? I must be in the minority then. O.O Oh, and it took me a while to understand the Man of Steel reference at 7:15. Lastly, what the heck was that Flash story?

  4. They should have brought this back for DC rebirth

  5. Didn’t Grant Morrison actually create that.

  6. ‘Being bitten by flies on a hot summer’s day is what Christmas is all about.’

    Well, I live in Australia, and have just spent the last three weeks at the beach on hot summer days, so…
    (Technically, mosquitoes were more of a problem than flies, but…)

    The bird in the cave in the Batman story is a robin. Seems significant somehow.

    Byrne’s done a few ‘silent’ issues – there was a Batman without dialogue (during the The Many Deaths Of Batman story, irrc), and an extended sequence in Alpha Flight 13.

    ‘Long before JLI, there was JLA’… Yeah, first there was just JL; but it crashed and was replaced by JLA which was basically the same. Then JLB got tangled in a space Christmas ribbon. JLC got caught in a time-loop, where Dinah Lance went back in time and became the mother of a villain…
    JLD had a bunch of adventures of their own, but it was an all-new set of people.
    (Hmm… somebody on your own site paraphrased the same James Doohan sequence that went through my head while I was writing that paragraph!)

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