Cinderella II: Dreams Come True – Disneycember

Wanna know what happened after Cinderella got married? Neither does anyone else, but here’s a movie about it anyway.

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  1. Well… if there’s anything positive I can say about the film, at least the animation is still good; and the voice acting is to. Jennifer Hale especially does good as the title princess.

    So there’s that.

    • And, even though she’s barely in it, Susan Blakeslee does a good job too. Though not a perfect match, she’s great at emulating the power and nastiness that Eleanor Audley put into Lady Tremaine.

  2. The very concept of Cinderella 2 seems bizarre to me. It’s the quintessential happily ever after fairy tale, what more is there to say? I could see it maybe working if it was kind of subversive and dark, with a message suggesting there is no such thing as a truly happy ending in life. But Disney would never do that.

  3. I think it’s just mediocre at best and I can’t defend it very much. I know it’s not good AT ALL but I still enjoy it for nostalgic reasons. So it’s merely a guilty pleasure for me and I can’t really defend it.

  4. At least Cinderella 3, surprisingly, isn’t that bad.

    Okay, it’s not exactly great, but the ideas alone make it worth a watch, in my opinion. They continue the story that didn’t need a continuation by brilliantly making it… not a continuation… in a way.

    It’s a what-if scenario of the Evil Stepmother getting the Fairy Godmother’s magical powers and undoing the original story. You know what? I’m sold. That premise alone made me want to see it, despite the stigma of it being a Disney Sequel. Sure, they don’t make use of ALL the opportunities the scenario provides, but they sneak in a surprising amount of heart and redeem themselves in my book. Not something I’d recommend as a good film, but as a positive surprise, definitely.

  5. I like the idea of her helping her step-sister overcome being a catty bitch and finding her own love and life outside from under her crappy mom, and the idea that Cinderella would be magnanimous enough of a character to put aside her past and help out her step-sibling.

  6. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Why is Cinderella walking around wearing her shabby commoner clothes when she’s now a princess? And why does she go to see her wicked stepmother and stepsisters? Does she think they won’t recognize her dressed in the same things she wore when she lived with them? Or does she go there just to rub their noses in the dirt? And why does she have to learn to cook ANYTHING? Cooking is what the help is for. And why does Jaq want to be human? What can he do as a human he can’t do as a mouse?

  7. Oh, so this is were Once upon a time got it’s cinderella story from.

  8. I remember seeing this a lot as a kid. I actually thought that it was interesting to show Cinderella’s training and kind of show how being a princess is hard, even if you’re a Disney princess. I actually liked the Hayden Panettiere song that I believe was the theme song to this movie. Wait until you get to the third one, Doug… I still don’t know what to think of that one.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Yeah, being a princess is hard, what with having everything done for you, having to attend all those balls and parties. Reminds me of that Monty Python skit where a son comes home from college to visit what appear to be working-class parents, only for it to be revealed that his father is a successful playwright who is embarrassed because his son went off and became a coal miner, and the son protests how his mother is worn out from hosting gala luncheons.
      There is nothing more useless than a princess. Their only function is to marry and produce heirs.

  9. I didn’t mind this movie much when I was a kid but yeah. I agree. It didn’t need to exist.

    • I think we all have that kind of experience; we liked something as a kid but when we watch it again as adults, then we start to see what’s wrong with it and why other people say it’s actually bad.

      I’ll need to watch Hunchback II again before sharing my thoughts on his review of it, to see if I agree with him or not.

  10. I think you’ll like the Cinderella 3 sequel, Doug. It at least attempts something unique for a Disney sequel.

  11. Wait….. “Learn how to cook boring food…”?

    Cinderella is a princess now, she has servants that can do that for her.

  12. I heard this was possibly the worst Disney sequel. Did the Nostalgia Chick rank this as #1? Why haven’t you referenced her? She had to go through as much pain as you! I like it when you’re angry. The compilation films seem like the worst.

  13. thatchickwithlonghair

    Doug’s mad. 😀

    I CRINGED AT THE “EW”. Out of character much?! Geeze.

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