Civil War V-Log – Comic Book Issues

The Geek chooses sides as he reviews the latest entry in the CAPTAIN AMERICA series.

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  1. Don’t know when or even if he knew that Bucky killed Tony’s parents but he learned about their deaths in Winter Soldier when seeing Zola. Still, would be nice to have seen that revelation within this one movie but this is MCU. Sometimes they expect people to have seen the previous films.

  2. You say Andrew Garfield cracked lots of jokes. Barring that one part of the movie where he has the guy webbed to the wall, I don’t really recall him quipping a lot or at all. It may be my memory on it.

    • He was quipping *constantly* throughout the airport fight. Just about every word out of his mouth was a quip. Maybe they weren’t all *jokes*, but they were definitely banter.

  3. Also, did anyone else wonder what the Vision was doing during the fight at the air port? He’s the only one who didn’t seem to do anything or be involved with fighting anyone else while showing what everyone else was doing.

    • During the first half he was guarding the plane, until Giant man distracted him enough that Cap and Bucky could slip past him. After that he was fully involved in the fight.

  4. Cap was pretty clear why he didn’t want to sign, he felt that it would just shuffle the responsibility to someone else, people with agendas…and that there is no clear “this is right and this is wrong” was deliberate. There is no easy answer.

  5. The end wasn’t MEANT to be a fix, it was meant to be a ray of hope.

  6. given Peggy’s age of 95 that means she was born in 1921, so she was about 25 or so when WW2 ended, and even younger when she was fighting with Captain America. I knew that the military tried to recruit ’em young, but jeez she was some kind of friggin prodigy.

    You know…I’d hate to get political and all that but the Wacovia (NO idea if that’s spelled right) accords sound like a bad idea to me. I can see where Iron Man is coming from saying the Avengers need to be held accountable for all the collateral damage, but I ABSOLUTELY would not want government regulated superheroes. Historically speaking government regulation has almost never gone well, it is inefficient, slow, and prone to corruption and partisanship. Yes there were probably thousands of casualties in the fight against Ultron and all that, but the casualties without them would have been oh…SEVEN BILLION or so. I totally side with Captain America in this movie, and in fact I think the “team iron vs team cap” hype is an utter FARSE since of course the audience and the story itself is going to side with Captain America, because he’s CAPTAIN AMERICA.

  7. Steve said he didn’t know it was Bucky. He knew Tony’s parents were murdered.

  8. My main problem is Iron Man’s motivation. This is a guy who has consitantly resisted control of any type and a two minute conversation about some kid he never met changes his mind? This is the guy who have royally screwing the world by creating Ultron was willing to do it again with Vision a few days later. Was this really the first time someone told him, “You screwed up and got my kid killed?” Heck, that wasn’t even collateral damage. That was directly his fault.

    I’m just saying that Tony at the end of Age of Ultron isn’t near the place he’s in here and he probably should have been. He originally started taking everything on himself in Iron Man because he realized that letting others run things got people killed. Now he sees that trying to control things all by himself was equally bad and be more willing to work together with authority. That’s not what happened. He was all “mad scientist” and didn’t even discuss his decision to active Vision with his fellow Avengers.

    No one mentioned that NY was partially and Washington was completely the fault of the last agency overseeing The Avengers.

    I’ve always felt that the comics and the movie always got the roles backwards. Cap has always been willing to work with the government, if not for them. Tony was the one who’d go off on his own. Tony once invaded a government prison to deactivate the Guardsmen because he decided no one could be trusted with his technology, even the ones he provided it to.

    I have to disagree about Zemo. While his motivation made sense, his backstory just didn’t make it seem like he’d be the type of guy who could pull this off. He was colonel in the military of a small eastern European country. He’s going to be able to decrypt SHIELD/HYDRA files and then set in motion this huge frame up? Also, if they wanted no witnesses to the Stark murder, “WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY KEEP THE FOOTAGE”? Also, what was taking the footage?

    I agree Sharon Carter was pretty tacked on. It seems they just wanted to bring back the very thin romance angle from Winter Soldier, to remind us she exists and to make the reveal. Having it on the heels of Peggy’s funeral actually makes it a little creepy and makes you wonder if Steve is transferring his feelings.

    I loved the brief moments between Steve’s two bros. “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” would be great.

    I definitely want to see more of “The Vision and The Scarlet Witch” and Black Panther, as well. I’m curious how T’Challa will go forward in relation to The Accords. Would he withdraw his support, despite his father’s wishes. The fact that they were manipulated doesn’t really address the issue of whether they were a good idea.

    What the hell was Ross doing at the Raft? He’s the Secretary of State. His job would be to negotiate The Accords with other nations, not enforce them. I get he’s a former General Ripper, his current office has no place being there.

    I don’t want there to be a reboot of the MCU. Just recast. There’s precedence with Rhodey. They’ll have to wait a bit on Iron Man, especially, but it’s doable. It’s like the comics where new writers and artists take over.

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