Clannad After Story FINALE – 25 The Hard Way

Will makes his final case for why Clannad After Story is the greatest anime of all time.

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As I said before. I wish that the Sentai Filmworks release came with “25 The Hard Way” . As I quoted before, I 2000% agree with Will, “nothing is this good for this long…. nothing” I am currently working on my own visual novel, and although Clannad is already the Clannad of visual novels, I will try my best, amatuer that I am, to recreate the feeling and built emotion for very likable characters. I wish I could convey it as well as this anime adaption does. Funny thing, fans of source material like books hate movie adaptations. For good… Read more »
To partially answer your question about Clannad’s popularity level compared to the other shows you listed, my theory is patience. I remember back in anime club, they screened the first few episodes of the first Clannad series, and it didn’t grab me. Judging from Ryan’s analysis, Clannad is a slow burn, building a great story structure brick by brick. Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Bleach are all action shows. Quick to start, quick to grab your attention. Action shows may or may not lack the depth of characters of shows like Clannad, but they just grab… Read more »

Great review – please review the animated movie adaptation