Clannad After Story Week Four – 25 The Hard Way

Will gets over his cat scratch fever just in time for a gang war!

When a gang war comes down to a meek little girl and the cops somehow can’t be bothered to care, what BS story is that? Apparently, the greatest of all time. It’s Clannad After Story!

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3 Comments on "Clannad After Story Week Four – 25 The Hard Way"


Ughhhh quit reminding me of how awful these first few episodes were!


Everything good from Key/Visual Arts always has a very slow start. Clannad on its own is a weaker emotional ride with only stunning visuals and progressive character development going for it. Even the beginning of After Story just feels like an extended, albeit deeper, series of the remaining not-Nagisa related plot lines. When it finally sets in then those developed characters get destroyed and the worst stuff happens to them. That’s when it becomes groundbreaking. You have to make the ground first, even if what you see at the beginning is just…..dirt.


btw no one responded to my “Sunohara Theory” comment last week.