Clickbaiting: Why millennials aren’t buying homes – MikeJ

So, what is the real reason young people aren’t buying homes? Well, this article makes some interesting claims…

Check out the original article here.

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  1. It’s probably worthwhile to make toast out of bread. Avocados don’t really work well in the toaster.

  2. Wow. According to this heading, I’m too young to be a millennial but then in the body of the article I am? Wha-? Still, I just want an apartment. I feel like you have more freedom if you’re not tied down to a place.

  3. That article is hilariously redundant and badly written!

    Probably the best one I’ve ever read points out that what is known as Generation Y are more likely to move: towns, distance, countries, and on a more frequent scale than previous generations. I’m a member of Generation Y and I refuse to buy a house unless I have a family to take care of. As it’s just me, I see no reason to buy a property and then be responsible for the building upkeep and replacement of various parts. Plus it means I can move with about 2-3 months’ notice (or less). It’s awesome 🙂

  4. Well in some places like Australia, there’s also a speculator’s market in property due to ridiculous tax structures that encourages the already wealthy to purchase multiple properties and makes it harder for new home buyers to get a foot in the door.

    So more people are stuck renting in perpetuity, and then some wanker acts as if skipping lunch at a café is going to redress that imbalance.

    • caffeinatedkate

      Indeed. Some idiots seem to think that young people can’t afford homes because they spend their money on expensive foodstuffs and frivolous things when it’s actually the other way around. They have the money to spend on expensive foodstuffs and frivolous things because they have nothing else to spend it on when they can’t afford homes.

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