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This comic isn’t for your eyes!

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  1. First comment! Pinhead was introduced to speak intellectually. He was the first slasher villain to do so. Boy, I missed him here. I saw three of those movies. To be specific, the first three.

  2. A Hellraiser Christmas comic? …I guess in the world of comic book fans who review comics on a green futon every Monday, anything is freakin’ possible.

    I got the chance to finally see the first 2 Hellraiser movies on YouTube early on in October during my search of good horror films I haven’t yet seen. Good time for me to see a review of, again, a Hellraiser Christmas comic.

    8:58- Oh, so THAT’S why “London After Midnight” became a lost film.


    16:28- I haven’t seen Rubik: The Amazing Cube, bit I’ve seen that sketch of it on an episode of Robot Chicken.

    26:36- The dark figure is obviously a merging of The Sandman and Owlman from DC.

  3. So this one has Rob Liefeld Cenobite with his silly gun, silly design and hot headed personality. I didn’t see that coming.

  4. That EA joke was pretty funny. I wonder why they decided to make this. I don’t understand how the creators thought they would make money bringing such opposites together.

  5. iamnotincompliance

    For the sake of my own stupid curiosity, I did some digging, by which I mean I hit up Marvel Database, Wikia’s page of all things Marvel. While I don’t see Babs DeGrogotti listed in Powerline #4 (which they do have an entry for), she apparently appears in Terror Inc #2, released just months prior to this special, and features the same editor in chief, writer, colorist, and editor. In addition, the writer is one of two named in (you guessed it) Powerline #4. So there you go! That explains nothing, but at least I didn’t waste much time on it.

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