Clock Tower (PS1): Conclusion – Lotus

It’s time to play as Helen in the library! Hmm, something about this seems slightly familiar.

We got a look at what happens when Jennifer’s the main character in Barrows Castle, and that was definitely different from before. Let’s see how else this plays out!

It’s time to see the big reveal! No, not the fact that Scissorman is Edward – it goes even deeper than that. Let’s go crazy!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. At 11:54, I SWEAR I saw someone in the book shelf or maybe I just had a long day and missed something. LOL. Also, I really didn’t expect travel to be involved in this game. I also didn’t expect the Harris thing. That was kind of stupid.

    LOL. Some of those endings were simultaneously hilarious and disturbing.

    You probably could have spilt the final video into two parts. Also, yeah, Kay’s scream startled me because I actually took it seriously unlike almost everything else. ^.^ I liked the A Jennifer ending for how corny it was.

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