Clock Tower (PS1): Parts 1-3 – Lotus

It’s time to relive the nightmarish Scissorman murders! Jennifer’s in therapy, but also has an “older sister” figure to take care of her. Let’s see what comes of our heroes’ situation in the next game in the saga! This is the calm before the storm, but you know that SOMETHING’S going to go wrong. Let’s go crazy!

And now, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for: what makes Clock Tower Clock Tower!

That last installment was intense! Let’s get a change of scenery and do some research at the library. …yeeeeeah, that goes about as well as you’d think.

Special thanks to Dracologist for the awesome title card!

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  1. I’m glad that you’re doing this because I really liked your play through of the first Clock Tower game.

    When you said police street, I didn’t question it at all. I was thinking that maybe the police station is on police street. LOL.

    • It took me a bit to get to it, but I do plan on tackling the Clock Tower games in general!

      Also, maybe it is on Police Street – I don’t know for sure, but that’d be amusing. 😀

  2. huh. watched a LP of a.. clock tower game that is now this one. I’m guessing that’s Clock Tower ‘2’ (3 i guess). That was sorta weird from start to finish, especially with how to activate all the endings. This seems far tamer in the beginning than the other CT games. Gotta say this scissorman is pretty relentless though.

  3. I find it kind of hilarious that the game claims that the mansion is in Norway and that this game takes place in Oslo, despite most of the names seeming very non-Norwegian. A journalist from Oslo called Nolan Campbell, the Barrows Mansion, Bobby and Dan (not unheard of as names in Scandinavia, but unusual), Helen Maxwell, Jennifer Simpson, etc. Either someone didn’t bother with making sense or every person (including proffessors and local police) in this game just happens to have an English name (aside from Lotte, whose name actually is Scandinavian, and maybe Anne). XD

    (They also misspell Romsdalen as Romsdaaren, but that is probably the translators not knowing that it was referencing a real place. They did spell Norges Internasjonale Hotel right in the shot of the hotel, though neither it, Southern Oslo University, nor an Oslo Municipal Library seem to exist)

    Otherwise, this game looks pretty interesting. It has a lot of the PS1 era weirdness with the graphics, voice-acting, and general logic, but it does a lot of interesting stuff with what it had.

    • Yeah, apparently the names are really wonky in terms of authenticity. 😛

      I agree, regarding the PS1. The graphics are a bit wonky, but this is still definitely a Clock Tower game. 🙂

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