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Boba Fett sneaks on board a training ship full of clone cadets to exact his revenge on Mace Windu. Clone Wars: Picking up the discarded plot points of the movies!

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Philippe GEORGES

    The clips don’t work. I tried with internet explorer, google chrome, and firefox.
    The clips don’t work on your homepage either.

  2. A decidedly average arc from the Clone Wars series, showcasing two of the problems I had with the early seasons: Boba as a whiny brat (because that’s what we all wanted to see, right?) and all Twi’leks being sex workers.
    On the positive side, I do like the Boba-Jango-Mace story and the use of Boba as an infiltrator.

  3. ManWithGoodTaste

    Your jokes are just the bestest.

    And that show is the bestest.

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