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The Duchess of Mandalore pushes for neutrality in the name of pacifism, but some of the Mandalorians have a better idea: let’s war for war’s sake!

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  1. the problem I’ve always had with prequel era force users is that they’ve shown that they can do just about anything with the Force so why do they bother with the lightsabers? Take this fight here, Obi-Wan eventually force pushes the guy so why doenst he open with that? Keep force pushing him into a wall until he surrenders or is knocked out? why doesnt he use the force to disarm him? Or how about using the force to break his arm or leg? Sure that is a little extreme but isnt that a better alternative then duelling him where you could end up chopping an arm or a leg off? The Force needs some kind of rules.

    As I side note, it was refreshing in Ep7 to two people actually fighting each other, ie trying to kill each other, than the forced and obvious choreographed fighting of the prequels

    • The in-universe explanation is that Jedi try to avoid outward or destructive uses of the force, since doing so pushes them closer to the dark side without some form of restraint. This is why we don’t see them use the force for hostile applications, like force lightning and the choke. In fact, it is implied that using the force to fight in the war was slowly corrupting them from within, which is why they lost in the end.

      The Meta reason? Because it would be boring if they just used the force.

      • The in universe explanation makes no sense. Isnt it more peaceful to use the force so the opponents submit then to engage them with an incredible lethal weapon like a lightsaber. Also, at what pont is it ok to use the push? Like here with ObiWan when did he decide “oh ok now according to the rules I can force push the guy”

        the lost in the end cuz they were written as absolute morons. “Hey we found this clone army being made on a planet mysteriously erased from our databanks, ordered by a jedi who was then killed soon after and the template for the clones is a guy in league with our enemy. Should we hold off on using them or investigate? Nah lets just use them” Anybody with a shred of common sense would have done some more investigating before trusting these clones.

        • 1. Unless I’m greatly mistaken, the clone army was something that Palpatine got permission from the Senate to do. He didn’t “magically find them” it was a secret project to win the war that they were *GASP* keeping secret.

          2. The enemy has a near endless supply of battle droids, there were likely facilities making them throughout Separatist controlled space. Their losses were easily replaced and General Greivous was whittling down the number of Jedi they had. Not using them wasn’t an option because they needed reinforcements right away.

  2. Personally I actually preferred the Mandolorians as portrayed in the EU yes they were a warrior race but they were also a adopting race meaning you didn’t have to be born on mandalor to become part of the community. They took in all kinds who had skills that could make them better warriors and in the EU mandalorians could take on a jedi one on one because jedi being restrained don’t use their force powers as a win all tactic.

  3. Love that outro.

    Great review.

  4. fun fact : Sabine Wren in star wars rebell claims to be of house visla

  5. he’d just been shot, the movie reminds you of that twice. It also sets up that stormtroopers are given cqc combat training against lightsabers.
    That’s just what’s in the movie itself. The background info proves you more wrong, but that’s background info. The movie itself shows enough for that to be a stupid complaint.

  6. Another butthole upset about the Episode VII Lightsaber Duel. Ren had been hit by a fuckin’ powerful blaster and was the only person seen to be able to move AT ALL afterwards. Don’t be such a little bitch and pay attention to the shit you watch.

    How am I supposed to take your “review” seriously when you come out with such stupidity as that? You’re not making yourself look good by throwing in useless info that actually only confirms that you don’t have very good perception.

    • Also have to add on to what I said. Watch that fight again. Ren has barely any difficulty at all… Even with his wound. I task you to take a shotgun wound to your side and with your kendo, try to take on a thug with a baseball bat. Good luck with that, you retard.

      • thespecialneedsgroup

        Wow, you’re weirdly angry about this. Do you make a habit of calling everyone who disagrees with you a butthole and a retard, or just people who have a different opinion about a minor Star Wars plot point?

        He disagrees with you about a single scene in a movie. Grow up, man.

  7. Lucas’s Watch is gone, and so is the Death Watch.

    The only Watch remaining is the Mickey Mouse Watch.

    Rebels is our only hope.

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