Closer by the Chainsmokers ft Halsey – Pop Song Review

Hey, who took my mattress?

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  1. :hugs todd: unfortunately, those of us who most need the xanax right now are the ones least able to afford it.

  2. I agree, I like this song too; the beat is catchy and the overall rhythm and vibe has an upbeat feel. The singing in this official recording is certainly better than the live performances from what I learned.

  3. Somehow I haven’t heard of this song and I love techno. Then again, I hate love songs so that’s probably why. Although, did you insult Cher?! O.O How dare you sir! D:

  4. Todd, sometimes you do this thing that infuriates me where you declare what you think the song is supposed to be / be about and then you base all of your criticisms around it. This video is the perfect example of that.

    You are treating it like a love song about two people getting back together and trying again to make a real go of it. It’s not. It’s a snapshot of a single event, not a love song, hence the overabundance of unnecessary details. The multiple locations and mattress stealing are for character building. They’re not meant to be suited for each other, it’s so obvious that it was a bad relationship that your criticisms of their lack of compatibility make you seem like an idiot.

    Anyone who has ever dated knows that this is just a “you’re hot, I’m hot, I’m horny, we’ve had sex before and I’m feeling nostalgic” kind of thing, not getting back together. There’s not even any mentions of the future aside from “we ain’t ever getting older” which, you’re right, is very similar in meaning to “what’s my age again”. They both know it’s a mistake and are willfully choosing the immature option. Almost all the details in this song are aimed towards a “young and stupid” portrayal of the characters.

    Hell, even her singing more emphatically is fitting with the way the characters are written. She’s more into it than he is. Did you ever even take an English class? Do you need an actually trained literary critic to help you with songs like these?

    • It didn’t seem like he was criticizing their lack of compatibility to me, just commenting on it. If anything it sounded like one of the things he liked and found interesting about the song.

  5. It’s official. Todd likes shitty, annoying music while calling actually good music annoying and shitty.

    This song’s beat is incredibly goofy and annoying. The lyrics try to paint a picture of unique and quirky characters but it just sounds try-hard. It’s just a shitty fucking song.

    • Instead of raving like that, why not just acknowledge his opinion on a song while still holding on to your own opinion on it?

      Part of being on the internet, or in society in general is to learn to respect one another, or at least try and be open minded and not try and be a jerk and lash out or belittler others.

  6. This is the first time I’ve heard the original. Man is it monotonous! I’ll stick with the Postmodren Jukebox version thank you.

  7. They actually both do have shoulder tattoos in the video.

  8. I hate the future of human life. For the record White people will not be broke in this nation anymore, only those unproductive, wasted, Liberal dumbass ones.

  9. I really hate the future of America and the World in this century and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s election victory obviously, I want to go back to the past badly, can someone invent me a Time Machine like for real personally? I fucking hate my generation in this country plus I still don’t have a girlfriend at my mid-twenties age and I’m much more handsomer than those pop/rock guys, just slightly chubby but I can fix that soon enough.

  10. Ughh, why…? At least it sounds much better than Selfie, which was NOT music. But I don’t find fickle, shallow relationships likable, which is why I hated Paul Carrack’s song “Don’t Shed a Tear” (it sucked, people!). Instead, let’s go listen to Blink182’s “All the Small Things”, shall we?

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