Coaster Crate Unboxing – MikeJ

Mike unboxes #BoxZero from brand new theme park themed subscription box Coaster Crate!

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Movie review shows from Mike Jeavons, a British Person, including "Shameful Sequels" & "Hang on a Second", along with music videos and sketches.


  1. How many theme parks are there in the world? I feel like Coaster Crate would run out of ideas after a while but I don’t know.

    • There are more than you’d think… lots of little gems hidden about the US, even. Ever been to Opryland or Dollywood? 😉 There are 7 theme parks within driving distance of Nashville, TN, alone….

  2. Wow, I didn’t go to a lot of theme parks when I was I never Europe, aside from the somewhat disappointing Euro Disney theme park, but that’s because I went to Europe to see Europe. Well, more specifically England and Paris. Still, if the world’s longest roller coaster or even a former contender for the world’s longest roller coaster is at a theme park in England then that sounds awesome, and here I was setting the bar low by wanting to go to Six Flags in California one day.

    Where I live in Canada, we only really have one theme park, and it’s moderately ok, but definitely in the bottom end of theme parks I’ve been to. Moreover, most of my friends are total wimps when it comes to theme parks and refuse to go on even moderately fast rides, and the one who does go on fast rides has a limited stamina for them. I don’t think any of them could handle a real theme park, but whatever. There’s a cool wood roller coaster at our theme park though that’s from the 1950s (I think). I thought wood ones were being phased out in favour of metal ones, but it seems that they’re still being made and that’s cool.

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