COD: Infinite Warfare – Angry Trailer Reaction

AngryJoe & Crew React to the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Trailer and give their thoughts on the upcoming game!

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  1. I am definitely not a Call of Duty fan but I love your videos.

  2. The COD series ran out of ideas after MW2. The sales are lower every year with each new game and it’s becoming one of the ongoing laughing stocks of video games like the Madden series.

    How about taking COD into the Civil War? Like COD Gettysburg or something.

  3. I like CoD, but I’m absolutely terrible at FPS multiplayer games, and it’s like Del says; When a good player gets all kinds of advantages and becomes even better, it ruins the game for crappy players like me. Which is why I don’t play CoD anymore.

  4. So is this only called “Call of Duty” just to give it the clout of it’s name? ‘Cause CoD used to be at least mostly close to reality.

  5. Professor Persona

    I love Joe’s Vidoe Games Reviews. ^^

    (AKA you have a tag to fix, Joe. Just looking out for you so a vidoe doesn’t get lost in the archives somewhere down the line. ; D)

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