Colossal – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews Colossal.

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  1. The Kaiju fan community has been watching this one with some suspicion for awhile. Nacho proved himself to be ethically questionable and unscrupulous early on when he originally planned it to use stock Godzilla footage, and that’s what he used to drum up backers and investors. Until Toho’s Lawyers paid him a visit. Having seen his actions for awhile throughout the development of this thing and the controversies surrounding it I became convinced that he is in fact a raving asshole, and someone that I never ever want to waste my money on. Which is a shame. I’m the target audience that would be into this sort of movie.

  2. Your review was a little different from the other critics who reviewed this movie. Most critics I’ve seen seemed to be in the A- range. Still, I will probably skip this movie.

  3. I think anyone who’s seen the trailer knows what the twist is. I wouldn’t worry about spoiling anything.

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