Comic Book Issues: 52 #1-4

The Last Angry Geek spends what only feels like a year, reviewing the first four issues of DC’s first ever weekly series: 52

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  1. Nice Astrays.

    What I want to know is if the kid in the first issue eventually becomes a supervillain. He revels in the disappearance of heroes, grins proud telling his little sister they’re dead, and looks genuinely disappointed that he can’t make Booster Gold admit his comrades died horribly. It’s a throwaway character just to show how uninvested Booster is, but everything about him is impossibly evil.

    Imagine a child walking up to a 9-11 rescue worker and going, “Yes, tell the children… tell them all your brethren caught in the collapse are DEAD. The despair, it FEEDS ME.”

  2. Countdown is 52 done right! Oh Dan Didio between that not being a good writer and always wanting to kill off Dick Grayson among other things it’s no wonder comic fans are so wary of anything that has your finger prints on it.

  3. Personally I HATED 52. Convoluted story, characters dying or forced into new roles (No, I still don’t like Montoya as The Question) not to mention all the bloody carnage (How did they let Black Adam get away with bloody murder in public? Diplomatic immunity be damned, EVERY able hero in the world -beginning with his own foes the SHAZAM family- should have taken him down then, they ended up doing it later anyway) Heck some characters -like my childhood favorite Isis- were just introduced just to be “fridged” all just so Adam could go berserk. Bah.

  4. I consider “52” my favorite comic book series. I find it accessible enough that I can recommend it to non-comic readers, but it has lore that is very much a part of the DC universe, meaning that fans of the universe can get a lot out of it.

    Stuff happens and it is built to and has subsequent repercussions.

  5. 52 was not DC’s first weekly comic. Action Comics was converted to a weekly anthology for nearly a year in 1988/89

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