Comic Book Issues: ANT-MAN Vlog

The Last Angry Geek gives his thoughts on the latest MCU movie. Is it BIG on excitement or SMALL on fun?

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  1. As for using CGI to recreate older actors when they’re young, look at the last couple of Terminator movies.

  2. The Falcon scene was actually Paul Rudd’s idea

  3. What are your thoughts on the cameo by the first ever live action Ant Man, Garrett Morris? Yes, I’m serious. Look it up.

  4. The ending did make a little sense to me; Bucky somehow ended up in a vice and his arm needed repair. Antman quickly and effectively disabled Falcon’s suit, and seemed like a nice guy. “Hi, I’m Scott.” “Sorry! Sorry!” Falcon probably learned about him when he tracked him down.

    I just want to know HOW Falcon got Bucky in the vice. But, that’s a scene from Civil War, so we’ll just have to wait!

    Also, I talk JUST like Luis. I loved him!

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Cool didn’t really spoil that much so that’s good but Im split on if the fantastic four film will be good or not but I know one thing and that is that it will be better then the original(that I’m sure of) but the thing looks too realistic but the guy who did chronicle directed it so who knows what will happen

    but it’s sad that they can’t get doctor doom right they didn’t do it in the original and I doubt they’ll do it in the sequel since they made him a blogger.

  6. Great job on the Ant-man review, personally I liked it but I can see all your problems with it and agree for the most part. I “think/wonder” if the villain became affected by the particles because he was exposed to them more than anyone else after all he was using them to kill people and who knows what else and given is obsession he was more than likely present for every test and creation of the particles. Still that was not really explained in the movie. As for plot holes I did see one fairly major hole, or maybe I missed an explanation for it. When he “super” shrinks small enough to fit between the molecules how did he get large enough to break anything in the suit, all the while continuing to shrink? Strongly agree with the post credits scene it just seems stupid they “resolved” a major plot line from Cap2 in a throwaway scene. All in all it was an enjoyable movie and look forward to Ant-man 2.

    Looking forward to your Fantastic Four review more than the movie I am sorry to say, I still have some hope for it but I am not sure I will support it.

  7. I don´t think the second after credit scene was to weird.
    They just show that they will need Ant-Man without showing to much.
    I guess the reason why they can´t contact Tony will be a important point in Civil War.
    In the Avengers they show just that guy who anybody who doesn´t know Marvel Comics thought it was Hellboy.

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