Comic Book Issues: Archie vs Predator

When a horror story is just too odd for the Longbox of the Damned, it winds up in the Shortbox of the Inane! And what could be odder than America’s favorite teenager taking on a cold-blooded alien killer?

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  1. Shortbox of the Inane? It has certain ring to it.

  2. …Wow, that’s the first time I ever felt sorry for the Predator. Points to the writers for that one!

  3. this is “THE WORST COMIC BOOK EVER”., even more worse than Spider-Man’s One More Day and The Clone Saga., if that actually possible., this is even worse than Frank Miller’s Holy-Terror., again if that actually possible.,,.

    • If I may ask, why? Is there anything here that’s so offensive or bad as to make you say that’s worse than those other comics you’ve mentioned?

    • I’m sorry, no it isn’t. Well I wouldn’t go as far as to say this comic was good, in comparison to the comics you mentioned it’s a friggin masterpiece. It’s not nearly as offensive as Frank Miller’s Holy Terror for example.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Jeez the writers had some balls to turn the predator into Archie those guys get major brownie points for me. But If Archie vs shark-nado is a comic you can get a hold of then review it immediately or have linkara review it.

  5. What the Fuck did i just not-read? Good thing i did my best not reading this mini series.

  6. I logged in to say that, I think you should look back at doing more Game of Thrones stuff. I really enjoyed them (fake accents aside), and I thought you could have gone more in that route.

    That said, really glad to see another video. You are one of my favorites to watch.

  7. I first thought this was a joke, or perhaps a parody comic. However, it seems Archie Comics gave its permission for this to be published.

    It certainly isn’t something I expected from the series, with all the death and violence. Then again, I haven’t read any of the future stuff. I hear future Archie gets shot and dies taking a bullet for someone.

    This comic looks pretty badass actually. I think the Predator looks really cool in its armour (the Predator series is actually one that I’d like to get into). I also like that they didn’t skimp out on the violence. Pretty brutal. I think I may have to check this series out myself.

  8. Well… okay then, that was apparently I thing, I did not think they were actually going to kill people in that one.

    While I know very little about Archie and care about it even less, I can’t really wrap my head around why this was apparently a thing that needed to exist.

  9. This comic seems so obnoxious.

  10. Archie is an example of how far they will go to try to make an Intellectual property sell; they have tried sex (in the TV movie) and now bloody violence. Well, they can do whatever they want, but as far as I’m concerned it’s not worth my time or money.

    • Worth far more money then the grimdark angst fests that seem to be 90% of DC and Marvel’s output these days. At least I know that Archie won’t defecate on their characters for some BS crossover nobody will remember five years from now.

  11. That’s actually pretty ballsy to have the cast of Archie die brutally, and batshit with the ending. Kudos to Dark Horse.

  12. ….. That happened didn’t it? Oh wow, I’ve never read Archie before but wow, and I thought that Archie meeting the Punisher was as weird as it could get. No no wait the weirdest was the time that giant talking cow head showed up and spat out the Ninja Turtles. Also where the hell did that mass grave come from?

    • (laughs)

      I HAVE a copy of that Archie Meets the TMNT comic!
      That was when I was seriously in my TMNT phase (around age 8).
      If I recall correctly, the cow was actually a trans-dimensional being (or something like that) named Cuddly.
      It (she?) carried the turtles across different dimensions in her/its mouth.
      And didn’t have a body.


  13. Well I suppose it’s nice to see that Archie Comics is willing to step out of it’s comfort zone.

  14. …..that WAS inane!! O.O

  15. / is not a backslash.

  16. I was honestly extremely surprised they actually let the Predator kill people, particularly established characters (especially Sabrina Spellman) and didn’t have it end as some sort of It-was-all-a-Dream thing..that said, I’d have loved to see Sabrina actually fight the Predator with her magic considering we actually haven’t seen that, to my knowledge..
    This just seemed even odder then I could ever have imagined.

  17. As far as I’m concerned, this comic is hilarious
    followed the whole thing, and did not laugh this hard at a comic in quite some time

  18. Gotta admit, I didn’t think they would go so bloody and stick with the ‘Archie’ art style (as opposed to the zombie comic).

    Seeing how this is a ‘what if’ comic, though, they can go as off the rails as they want to with no real effect on the ‘real world’ of Archie ^_^

  19. Comic books in Svenround Sound? It’ll never catch on.

  20. I read Archie comics when I was first getting into comics (age 7)
    Then as I matured, I grew out of Archie (around age 9).

    I didn’t get into the Predator until years later, when the first AVP movie came out (I was one of the few people who loved it).
    Then I discovered the Dark Horse Predator comics, and quickly bought up every Predator comic I could find (I still have a long box full of them in my closet).
    Of course, I also watched the first 2 Predator movies (‘loved them both).

    But WOW this miniseries was awful.

  21. Wait…if Archie (or at least his body) was killed when he was a teenager, then how could he have been agent Andrew’s ancestor?
    Around 1988-1990 Jughead had his own comic book series; in which he would frequently travel to the 30th century (or thereabouts ) with a time cop named Agent Andrews, who was a decedent of Archie, and have all sorts of adventures with her, and…how the HELL am I remembering all of this?!

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