Comic Book Issues – Justice League United

The Last Angry Geek reviews the latest Justice League of America as it moves to Canada…in spaaaaaace!!!

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  1. It was a fine book when it JLA but that was till it just got bogged down in event after event. Half the book run was parts of other stories. I just couldn’t read it at that point. Then it just gets moved to canada for no good reason. Sorry no real lame excuse could come up with reason. Nothing against canada. If it was JLC should be with Canadian heroes and not heroes forced to be there. I didn’t even read it to see how it went cause I was losing interest in dc at the time and really just quit DC soon after issue 1 came out.
    Oh god the changes to adam strange and again change race to appear diverse. DC fails again and stupid stuff with adam strange.
    You shouldn’t ever call the fake lobo real. Cause a few years some sense final come around someone retcon this bad redesign reject as the fake. Real main man will return.

  2. Alanna *was* always Adam’s equal… until his series ended.

  3. Meh. I had heard that the New Dc had improved, but based on this I doubt it. Seriously, can we EVER have a story without deaths or dismemberments!? Also I did not care at all for the reinvention of the Adam Strange or Ultra The Multi-Alien mythos.

    I’d give it one star for the art.

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