Comic Book Issues: Spider-Man & The X-Men #4-5

The Last Angry Geek reviews the team-up between Marvel’s favorite mutants and the world’s greatest spider-themed hero.

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  1. Honestly, this is my favorite recent Spider-Man anything that Marvel has directly had it’s hand in. Sure Spidey never appears out of costume, but he doesn’t need to, Peter’s heart as he teaches these kids is always a presence felt in the book.

  2. a mini-nightcrawler??? What in the world…

  3. Four STARS out of five? I’m disappointed. Not four Tardises out of five? Not four decapitated heads of Ned Stark? Just boring STARS?

  4. Looks like a lame comic mini-series from what you described.

  5. Why do I find it hard to accept that Spiderman and the X-Men wouldn’t get along? I mean, is this just an extension of the “everybody hates Spiderman because of the Bugle’s headlines” BS?

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