Comic Book Issues – The Dark Knight Returns movie

The Nostalgia Critic stops by to help the Last Angry Geek review the animated adaptation of Frank Millers masterpiece. Plus: What REALLY happened in the Plot Hole.

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  1. Thank you for retelling the movie’s story for me, i did’nt understand the 3 first times i saw it. What about a review now ? Oh, video over ? Okay…

  2. I would understand your complaint about Peter Weller’s voice if this movie took place in Batman’s prime, but it’s been ten years since Batman retired, and it doesn’t seem like Bruce makes too many public appearances. Not to mention that when Batman DOES reappear, the criminals are FAR too busy being scared half to death to notice that his voice might sound somewhat familiar. I think Weller was a fine choice for the part.

  3. It’s in my top 3 Batman films (live or animated). The superman complaint, now that I think about it, is valid.

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