Comic Book Issues – The Flash (1990) The Trickster

Just in time for Mark Hamill’s return on the NEW series, the Last Angry Geek reviews his appearance on the OLD Flash series.

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  1. It’s nice that you took look at this particular episode of 90’s The Flash series.

  2. “I was kind of dead at the time and was still figuring out the whole ‘commune from beyond the grave’ thing.”

  3. hamill also voiced the trickster the one time he appeared in justice league unlimited, where he’s also clearly been modelled off the live action version. apparently mark hamill just loves playing lunatics, and who can blame him, he’s clearly having tremendous fun

  4. In an earlier episode of this new Flash TV series, Amanda Pays reprised her role as Tina McGee. So it’s nice to see that Mark Hamill will get to reprise his Trickster character. Indeed, he looks like he is having immense fun playing crazy lunatic villains…

  5. It’d be interesting if they made a movie of Mark Hamill’s life. To see someone who started out so huge he couldn’t play any other part, finally seeming to find his niche in these over the top comic book roles. I hope he’s as happy in real life as he appears to be having fun with these characters.

  6. Just fyi, Danny Elfman DID do the theme song for “The Flash”. So it wasn’t just a matter of “sounding like” the guy that did the Batman movie. It really was him.

  7. “Totally Awesome, to the Maaaaaaaaaaaaax!”

    Thanks for that 🙂

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