Commentary: The Phantom of the Opera Musical Review

Tim & Beth are joined by Doug Walker, aka the Nostalgia Critic, to chat about how the Phantom of the Opera Musical Review came to be. Horses, sailor hats and Hyper wigs everywhere!

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  1. I noticed that some songs sounded too similar to the originals.

    You really need to talk to Lindsay, who says she’s not had claim problems, and she did two Phantom reviews, one a couple weeks before yours, and one a little while afterwards. (Professional courtesy, I’m sure.)

    I really think you could do short, less than 10 second clips, with the fancy backgrounds. And I think your clipless reviews would go over better with just a handful of clips.

    Especially this one, where, even having seen the movie, I didn’t remember everything you were talking about or parodying. You could show just a bit, maybe with no audio. (Save for when you talk about them singing.)

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