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  1. Unless someone’s a avid historian like me, most human beings are a doubtful and forgetful race, especially in this modern pop-cultural-filled Western Civilization or this country in particular.

  2. And by the way that hymn you were playing at the end was the modern or current national anthem of the Russian Federation according to the lyrics, although the melody was the same Soviet Russian one written in the last year of World War II, 1944 to be exact, the lyrics were composed by Sergei Mikhalkov (1913-2009) who was a very famous children’s poet and story writer in Soviet Russia, and I do mean very famous, as his two filmmaker sons who are Andrei Konchalovsky (born 1937), and Nikita Mikhalkov (1945), and the music was composed by Alexander Alexandrov (1883-1946), Note: I did not list the patronymic middle name from any fathers as Eastern Slavs do. Anyway my point is when the Communist Russia and all other 12 later 13 former Imperial places was born or created in 1917, the original national anthem was the all-Proletarian or Industrial Working-Class Marxist anthem called the Internationale originally created by French guys. How do I know all this? I guess I’m just a Russian-Jewish-American know-it-all.

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